June 22, 2007
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Paul Pierce Pisses Off Mini Me Verne Troyer

Verne Troyer gets cozy with Playmates Carol (left) and Darlene Bernaola.:: Jim Smeal/WireImage.com
He became a big star after the success of Austin Powers. He caused a buzz when he relieved himself on the floor in an episode of the Surreal Life. And he has a way with the ladies. But he still can't handle being called Mini Me. The Celtics forward found that out and got lectued for it in this great video.
Fans Fight Back
What do you do when your team's overpriced slugger continues to hurt your team? Name a drink after him. A Seattle bar offers "Cheap Sexson Mondays," when a beer will cost you whatever Richie Sexson's batting average is at the time. And now Phillies fan want the same treatment for Pat Burrell.
This Is Why We Love Shaq
In an interview summed up by Yay Sports!, the Diesel says he thinks part of the reason today's children are overweight is because they are playing "Sega, Nintendo and Atari." He also says that Greg Oden is "just a young ninja."
The Most Entertaining Sports Fights Ever
Can be found here, with lots and lots of YouTubes
The Secret To Prince Fielder's Success

Prince Fielder.:: Jim McIsaac/Getty Images
The SportsPickle has figured it out.
We'd Be Happy If We Could Do 24 MINUTES
But this ultramarathoner is trying to break the world record by running more than 153.76 miles in 24 HOURS on a treadmill. Oh, and he's suspended between two billboards in Times Square.
We Know You'll All Be Watching ...
The NHL Draft tonight. Therefore, The Sports Hernia has provided us with some essential viewing tips.
YOU Can Be A Wimbledon Champion
Well, not really. But you can own a Wimbledon trophy -- or three -- because Bjorn Borg is auctioning his off. You can bid here, here and here.
See, Men Aren't Shallow
A new study says that men look at a woman's face before any other body part. If you guys want to see if that's true, this should help.
Video of the Day
Get This Guy A Talk Show
A couple of months ago, popular WFAN radio host Chris "Mad Dog" Russo went on a tremendous rant against Pacman Jones (if you don't have time to watch all of it, just watch a minute to get the jist of it).
Then watch the Russo impersonation below:
What If NFL Refs Took Over Race Relations?
This could be the result.
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