June 25, 2007
The Links
Sharapova's Close Encounter

Maria Sharapova.:: Walter Iooss Jr./SI
You can always rely on The Sun to give you important, hard-hitting news. The paper proved that once again when they ran this story about tennis star Maria Sharapova's fascination with a well-endowed woman.
Marrying Ming
Tony Parker is the NBA star who's getting all the attention for an upcoming wedding, but we're pretty fascinated to hear that 7-foot-6 Yao Ming just got engaged to the woman he's been dating since 1999 -- who stands at 6-2.
Tasered=Good Times
We're not gonna lie: We never heard of Miami Dolphins defensive lineman Frederick Evans until we read that he got arrested over the weekend. And the details of that arrest are a must-read.
Top 11 Movie Basketball Players of All Time

Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes.:: Photofest
Brought to you by cracked.com.
Uncanny Resemblances
How do the newborn babies of Tiger Woods, Jeff Gordon and LeBron James look? Sportswrap has a photo illustration.
Location, Location, Location
It seems that the New York Giants and New York Jets are about to get some interesting neighbors at the Meadowlands.
Move Over David Stern
LeBron James has been appointed commissioner of the U.B.B.L. What's that, you ask? The Bubblicious Ultimate Bubble BlowingLeague. Seriously.
Video of the Day
Finger Baseball
Yes, you can play baseball just by using three fingers. Here are the rules.
Transformers Rap
In preparation for the new Transformers movie coming out on July 4... (Thanks to Aaron fromHarrison Township, Mich., for the link)
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