June 26, 2007
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Popularity Contest
Who are the most popular athletes in America? According to a new Harris Poll, Tiger Woods tops the men while Derek Jeter has shot up to second place.

On the ladies side, Serena Williams has jumped to the No. 1 position, while Danica Patrick moved into second place. Here is the full list.
Shockingly, we don't see Pacman Jones, Tank Johnson or any Cincinnati Bengals on the list.

Serena Williams
Walter Iooss Jr./SI
Dice-K Branches Out
Have you ever wondered what kind of music Daisuke Matsuzaka listens to? Of course you have. But wonder no more. The Red Sox pitcher has teamed up with a marketing company to release Music From The Mound, a compilation of some of Matsuzaka's favorite music from American, English and Japanese recording artists.
Shark Gets Bitten
Apparently the threat of dragging tennis star and current girlfriend Chris Evert into his divorce proceedings caused Greg Norman to quickly come to an agreement with his ex-wife on how to split up the golfer's $500 million fortune.
Move Over, Wheaties
Deuce of Davenport has a must-see list (with photos) of sports/athlete cereals that you didn't know existed.
Just Another Night At Wrigley
A drunken fan charged the field last night to attack Cubs pitcher Bobby Howry after he gave up a three-run home run. More important, a new announcer has been discovered. We say the man giving the details in this video should be hired by a network ASAP.
What's In A Name?

Austin Powers.:: Photofest
Bugs and Cranks looks at the players from all sports who share a name with another celebrity. Where do Yankees reliever and actor Mike Myers rank? (Thanks to Adam of Milwaukeee for the link.)
Putting The Homeless To Work
If you're on the streets of New York City and you see Stephon Marbury, ask him for work. The Knicks guard forked over $300 to a homeless man who watched his Bentley.
Not So Beautiful
The results of a new poll show that James Blunt's You Are Beautiful is the Most Irritating Song of all time. No arguments from us. Here's the rest of the top 10.
We'll Take That Bet
iPhone-mania is everywhere. And now a gambling site is offering odds on whether someone will get trampled while trying to buy the new device when it comes out on Friday. Meanwhile, here's the first review of the phone.
Video of the Day
Shaq Attack
In honor of Shaquille O'Neal's new reality show, which debuts tonight (and has gotten good reviews), we bring you The Diesel's Top 10 Plays.
The Only Commercials We Like...
Are the ones networks reject.
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