June 28, 2007
The Links
Derek Jeter vs. Justin Timberlake

Jessica Alba (left) and Scarlett Johansson.:: Wireimage.com
This is why we love The Big Lead. They pose the important questions. Today, they're asking something very simple, yet very poignant (and using specific categories to come up with an answer) -- who has done better with the ladies, the Yankees shortstop (who reportedly dated Jessica Alba) or one of pop's biggest stars (who reportedly dated Scarlett Johansson)?
Pirates Fans Jumping Ship
Fed-up fans of the Pittsburgh franchise are planning a walkout during the third inning of Saturday's game against the Nationals. However, you won't be hearing about it if you're watching the telecast.
The Next Latrell Sprewell?
Tennis star Marat Safin doesn't like Wimbledon. The reason? The food prices are too high. Oh, and Safin has earned about $13 million in his career. (Thanks to Lion In Oil for the tip.)
Speaking Of Tennis Controversies...
France's Tatiana Golovin seems to have caused quite a stir at the All-England club. Her crime? She wore red knickers under her white tennis outfit.
He's The Man
The USC football team got quite the surprise yesterday when Super Bowl MVP Peyton Manning showed up and practiced with the squad.
Is There A LeBron Vs. Usher Feud?

Usher.:: James Devaney/WireImage.com
The New York Daily News reports that the R&B star is going to be a father. But the juicier stuff comes toward the bottom of the article, which details a rift between Usher and the Cavaliers.
Gamers Rejoice
Good news for those of you who spend hours playing video games. You do not have a mental disorder. Well, at least according to this article.
We're Liking Greg Oden More And More
Tonight's No. 1 pick is blogging about being in New York this week, and his honesty is refreshing. Among the things he reveals: He's been coached for interviews with the media (by a man who appeared in American Pie 2) and he doesn't like it when fruit comes with his meal.
More Draft Coverage
The Sports Hernia provides you with the only mock draft you need to see. (Thanks to Tim of New York for the link.)
Videos of the Day
This Kid Rules
Yesterday on SI.com, college football guru Stewart Mandel revealed a great story about hearing the catchy tune, Hey There, Delilah. If you don't quite understand what the song is about, this kid's interpretation should help you. (On a side note: Make sure to check Mandel's mailbag next Tuesday, for the unveiling of his new Mailbag Crush.)
Bush & Beckham
Reggie plays soccer. David plays football.
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