June 29, 2007
The Links
All Oden, All The Time

Rihanna.:: Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage.com
We mentioned yesterday that, because of his fun personality, we're liking Greg Oden more and more. Today, we have mixed feelings about last night's No. 1 overall pick in the NBA Draft. In a fun Q&A with the New York Post, Oden says he'd like to be stranded on a desert island with Rihanna (thumbs up), but then says Dane Cook would be an ideal dinner guest (big thumbs down). He also says he wears toe rings (don't even know what to say about that).
Tom's In Trouble
Tom Brady is taking heat for not hiring union plumbers to do work in his Boston condo. With Leather has the details, but they're not important. Just head over there to see the photoshopped pic of Brady with plumber's crack.
Calling Judge Judy
As we know, the Mavericks were embarrassed in the first round of the NBA playoffs by former coach Don Nelson and the Golden State Warriors. Dallas owner Mark Cuban has finally figured out what to do about it -- sue Nelson for using confidential information against his former team.
Get Ready To Drink Up
ABC/ESPN has announced their college football broadcast teams for the '07 season. Those of you who like to play the Brent Musburger Drinking Game are in luck -- he's still the play-by-play man for ABC's Saturday night game.
Stick To Your Day Job
Via Our Book of Scrap comes this link, to the Five Worst Athlete/TV Cameos.
NBA Draft Fashion Roundup

David Stern, Joakim Noah.:: AP
Leave the Man Alone does the honors -- with great pics.
Let's Drag It Out Until Decemeber
In fitting with his "more, more, more" attitude, agent Scott Boras reportedly has pitched an idea to Bud Selig -- make the World Series a best-of-9.
Top 30 Cult Shows
Any list that has Pee-Wee's Playhouse on it is alright by us.
Another New York City Tourist Attraction
How about a lap dance with your pizza?
Videos of the Day
Shaq Tells Yo-Mamma Jokes
And hilarity ensues. (Thanks to Shadow G of Encino, Calif., for the link.)
iPhone Stalkers
Here's an interview with one of the nuts people who got on line a few days ago to buy the new iPhone.
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