July 02, 2007
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C-Rod Turns Heads

Cynthia Rodriguez :: Courtesy of NY Post; Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images
We don't know much about Cynthia Rodriguez, other than the fact that she's A-Rod's wife and stood behind him during his Stray-Rod period last month. But she turned some heads on Sunday with a T-shirt that can charitably be described as offensive. Speaking of A-Rod, is it time for Brian Cashman to consider trading the Yanks most valuable player? One writer thinks so.
Lohan is Legal
Extra Mustard wishes Lindsay Lohan a very happy 21st birthday.
Move over Rachel Ray
You would think today's top women tennis players have better things to do then spend their free time in the kitchen, but that isn't so. Lovefood, a compilation of recipes from the queens of the court includes tasty dishes from Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, Amelie Mauresmo and others.
Big Day for Little People
In case you missed it, the 2007 Dwarf Athletic Association of America's National Games took place over the weekend in Seattle. The event -- which includes track and field, swimming, basketball and soccer -- used to be funded by the Olympic Committee, but now runs entirely on donations and volunteer work.
Wild Thing
Guess who's leading the triple AAA all-star voting? That's right, it's old friend Rick Ankiel.
Top-10 Reality Show Appearances by Sports Stars

Hulk Hogan :: Kevin Kane/WireImage
Personally, we'd put Jose Canseco's season on The Surreal Life as No. 1, but that's just us.
Get Carter (Out of Pro Football)
Cowboy fans who suffered through three years of Quincy Carter must be laughing at fans of the Arena Football League's Shreveport Battlewings, who suffered through a Carter meltdown Friday night.
Confessions of an NBA Heckler
At Extra Mustard, we don't bestow an article as a "must-read" very often, but this account of Martin Bell, (aka former SI intern and the Stephen A. Smith heckler) during Thursday's NBA Draft is simply fantastic.
Videos of the Day
Happy Birthday, Jose.
In honor of Jose Canseco's 43rd birthday, we present the famous "homer off the head" video.
The headline says it all.
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