July 03, 2007
The Links

Jeff Garcia and Carmella DeCesare :: Gregg DeGuire/WireImage
Jeff Garcia may be married to the beautiful Carmella DeCesare, the 2004 Playboy Playmate of the Year, but that doesn't mean he knows how to dance.
Salem Celebrates
Good news to all male residents of Salem, Ore., -- a judge ruled lap dances are legal and protected by the free speech provisions of the Oregon Constitution. In related news, Pacman Jones just purchased a home in Salem.
The Odd Couple
From the world of strange and unusual friendships, John Daly and Kid Rock have not only been hanging out together, but Daly is adding vocals to a track on Kid's upcoming album. No, that is not a joke.
A for Effort
Yankees play-by-play man Michael Kay turned Derek Jeter into Willie Mays for this catch against Boston three seasons ago, but for our money, Shane Victorino put Jeter to shame with this effort on a foul ball during last night's Phillies-Astros game.
Matrimonial Bliss
Tony Parker and Eva Longoria are just the latest in a long (maybe not long, let's say medium) list of celebrities marrying sports stars.
Not a T.O. Party

Terrell Owens :: Seth Browarnik/WireImage
Terrell Owens, who never met an endorsement deal he didn't like, is suing the Manhattan nightclub Avalon for $600,000 after it allegedly used his image without permission to promote its weekly Friday Night Lights party.
Come on Down!
We never thought it would actually happen, but Dan Patrick officially said no thanks to hosting The Price is Right. Don't worry P.I.R. fans, there are still some stellar candidates left for the hosting gig including J. Peterman (the Seinfeld version), A.C. Slater and Steve Sanders.
Bye Bye, Bud
A big thumbs down to NBC, which fired 78-year-old Bud Collins after 35 years of tennis coverage prior to the start of Wimbledon. It doesn't look like Collins is very pleased with the decision.
Videos of the Day
White Men Can't Rap
This clip is, quite simply, the funniest thing you'll see all summer (thanks to Awful Announcing for discovering this gem).
Shameless in Seattle
Just when you thought the Super Bowl Shuffle was the king of the "an NFL team makes a music video" castle, along comes this clip of the 1985 Seahawks (including a special appearance by a buff Mike Tice and a saxophone solo from the locker room shower).
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