July 05, 2007
The Links
Bush Busted
It's been rumored for months that New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush is dating Paris Hilton friend (and fellow sex-tape scandal queen) Kim Kardashian.

We finally have proof that the duo are in fact an item thanks to Shoutfan.com. The site has posted pics of the couple kissing and -- as they say in the tabloids -- canoodling.

Kim Kardashian
Rebecca Sapp/WireImage.com
Flea's Plea
The Red Hot Chili Peppers' bassist has penned an open letter to Kobe Bryant. The rocker pledges his love to the controversial guard and basically begs him to stay in L.A.
Quote Of The Day
Washington Nationals GM Jim Bowden is praying for Jesus Colome's butt.
Dan To Depart?
ESPN's Dan Patrick has been teasing an upcoming "big announcement" on his radio show. Is one of the most popular personalities in the network's history about to leave the Worldwide Leader?
Music Mishaps
Plenty of athletes have put out albums. 100%injuryrate.com has put together a comprehensive list with photos of all the album covers. (Thanks to C. Orner in San Francisco for sending in the link.)
Chestnut Comes Through

Takeru Kobayashi (left), Joey Chestnut.:: AP
We here at Hot Clicks don't editorialize much, but after going through numerous blogs this morning, we're totally sick of reading about the hot dog eating contest. When did this event become on par with the Super Bowl? When did people start taking it so seriously? And when did eating become a sport to the point where every sports show and Web site covers it and people do live blogs about it?
Best Jess
Cracked.com holds a Jessica-Off to finally figure out which Jessica is the hottest. Their list is so thorough it includes Jessica Lange and Jessica Tandy, yes, Jessica Tandy.
Video of the Day
Let's See Tiger Do That
We wonder how many tries it took this guy before finally nailing it. (Thanks to Kidd in Burlington, Vt, for sending the link.)
We Know Baseball Is A Slow Game, But...
Guy falls asleep at baseball game, fans go wild.
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