July 06, 2007
The Links
Bombarded With Beckham Coverage
If you're excited about David Beckham's upcoming MLS debut, you are in luck. ESPN is planning massive coverage, and SportsMediaWatch.com has all the details.

We just have two questions. One: Do we really need Reggie Bush in the booth to promote the Adidas ads he did with Beckham? And two: Will the network devote a camera to catch all of Victoria Beckham's moves?

And if you need more Beckham, the soccer star will film a diary of his time in the U.S., which will be turned into a TV show.

Victoria Beckham
Mark Allan/WireImage.com
Eddie George Sings '80s Classics
Via The Big Lead, comes word of this video (second one down) at CSTV.com. Former NFL star Eddie George takes the stage and sings -- a lot. The running back tackles such hits as Pour Some Sugar on Me, Wanted Dead or Alive (what, no Livin' on a Prayer?) and Sweet Child O' Mine.
Not For The Faint Of Heart
Rivalfish.com has put together the 10 best Ozzie Guillen quotes. Don't click on the link if you are offended by expletives.
This Makes Us Feel Good
We've long wondered when, why and how did Sean Salisbury become an NFL expert who knows everything. Apparently, the folks at AOL Fanhouse feel the same way, and to make us all feel better about Salisbury's status, they've posted a video of Salisbury throwing a bad interception.
Bad Breath Night At The Ballpark
Yes, you read that above headline correctly. It's another one of those wacky minor league promotions. The DC Sports Bog has the details.
Cuban's Crusade

Mark Cuban.:: AP
Since Hot Clicks relies on the overwhelming amount of blogs in cyberspace for the best links from around the Web, we wanted to give the bloggers a heads up. Mark Cuban spent his 4th of July blogging about how he doesn't like bloggers.
Before Reggie Theus Was An NBA Coach...
Sportswrap.com looks at the best TV sitcom sports coaches. We would've put the coach from 1st & Ten at No. 1 on the list.
Sizing Up Springfield
The Simpsons Movie is three weeks away, so hype is about to kick into another gear. On that note, Vanity Fair lists the show's 10 funniest episodes ever.
Videos of the Day
This flew under the radar during the long holiday weekend, but last Sunday Knicks guard Stephon Marbury appeared on a local New York sports show. The interview starts out slow but then gets more and more bizarre. For instance, Marbury says he's going to average "10 points, like, 12, 13 dimes and like, two, three" assists next season. Oh, and then his cell phone starts ringing (at the 7:09 mark) and he says what pretty clearly sounds like, "that's my better half, my better ho."
From Crazy To Scary
Creepy Clay Aiken sings Baby Got Back and Like a Virgin. It's an odd mix of funny, disturbing and surreal.
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