July 10, 2007
The Links
All Grown Up

Keira Knightley :: Gus Ruelas/LADN/WireImage.com
Winning the Turnover Battle goes the "Where Are They Now" route and looks at what are our favorite sports movie tomboys, including Bend It Like Beckham's Keira Knightley, are doing these days. It's a big day for Winning the Turnover Battle, because they also have this must-see video on their site. (Thanks to Hank Worrell of Roanoke, Va., for both links.)
As we all know by now, Fox broadcaster Bill Maas had a rough weekend. This incident has the Sports Hernia wondering what other broadcasters could possibly get arrested for. (Thanks to Tim of New York for the link.)
Brady and LeBron Fall Short
Tom Brady (No. 2) and LeBron James (No. 3) couldn't beat out Justin Timberlake for the top spot in Stuff magazine's "Power Guys Under 30" list.
Worst Marketing Decision Ever!
Deadspin reports that unfunny comedian Dane Cook will be the face and voice of MLB's postseason promotional campaign. Will this sport ever do anything right?
Worldwide Waste
ESPN unleashed massive promotion for The Bronx is Burning. You couldn't escape the ads and promos. So we got suckered in, despite the horrible reviews, and set the Tivo for the show last night. But what happened? No Bronx is Burning. The lame Home Run Derby went on forever and from what I've been told The Bronx is Burning started more than an hour late. Apparently this wasn't ESPN's only blunder last night.
Top 20 Movie Insults

Ron Burgundy:: Theo Wargo/WireImage.com
See which diss from The Legend of Ron Burgundy, Dodgeball, White Men Can't Jump and more make the list. (Warning: Some of the language is rough.)
Two Bowling Shots You Gotta See
Video 1 is much more impressive than Video 2, but both are worth watching.
Thank God They Did This Study
The University of California Los Angeles has figured out that women are drawn to men with muscles. Who knew?
Videos of the Day
If You Need More Chris Berman...
This video will do the trick.
Reality TV At Its Best
We know Big Brother isn't a hugely popular show, but this clip sums up why we watch it. A hot chick goes crazy because she doesn't like a photo of her that's put on a wall.
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