July 11, 2007
The Links
Dating Advice For Derek

Megan Fox ::Han Myung-Gu/WireImage
Derek Jeter has predicted that the Yankees would catch the Red Sox and win their 10th straight AL East crown. Bugs and Cranks knows that the best way for the Yanks to rally is for Jeter to find himself a hot celebrity to canoodle with -- and goes so far as to suggest seven babes that will fit the bill, highlighted by the Transformers beauty Megan Fox.
Summer Of Brady
Brady Quinn is making a name for himself this offseason. First came the pics of him doing his best Village People impersonation at A.J. Hawk's wedding. Now he's hanging with hairband legend and soon-to-be reality star Bret Michaels.
Estonian Power!
In case you were wrapped up in All-Star Game madness yesterday and didn't catch this nugget from the sports world, let Extra Mustard fill you in: Estonia won the Wife Carrying contest. And yes, there is an actual contest where men carry their wives.
Babes and Baseball
With the season at its midpoint, this is as good a time to break down the baseball landscape -- divided by tiers based on hot celebrities, of course.
Strahan Rants

Michael Imperioli and Michael Strahan:: Dimitrios Kambouris/ WireImage
When he's not hanging with heroin-addicted, wife-cheating members of the mafia (on television, of course), Michael Strahan is calling out Eli Manning to get his act together and start producing on the field.
We haven't watched a ton of pole vaulting, but we always wondered what it would be like if someone veered off to the side and didn't land on the net. Wonder no more.
Wedding Crashers?
Steve Lavin is having a wedding and you're invited. No wait, too many people said they could come -- you're uninvited.
Videos of the Day
Not Dan Patrick's Finest Moment
In honor of Dan Patrick's departure from ESPN, we bring you this amusing clip of Patrick getting duped by Captain Jenks of Howard Stern Show fame.
Ouch -- Part 2
Not sure why we're picking on pole vaulters today, but here's another painful example of the sports' inherent dangers. (Thanks to John of Raleigh, N.C., for the link.)
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