July 13, 2007
The Links
Uniforms Never Looked So Good

Carmen Electra :: AP
Winning The Turnover Battle uses photos to examine the history of, in their words, "Babes in Jerseys." As bonus, we're bringing you a photo of Carmen Electra that WTTB didn't have. You're welcome.
What Made Him Change His Mind?
Phoenix Coyotes assistant coach Rick Tocchet bailed on the World Series of Poker's main event (third item down), forfeiting his $10,000 entry fee. In case you don't remember, Tocchet is awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty in May to running a sports gambling ring.
They're Heeeeere!
If you've been waiting for David Beckham and Posh Spice -- and who hasn't? -- the L.A. Times has video of the couple arriving in L.A. last night. Now that he's here, we wonder if sales of his jersey will increase even more. More than a quarter of a million Beckham jerseys have already been pre-ordered.
Let Her Replace Dan Patrick
We've heard about this ESPN "Who's Now" thing, but we don't know much about it (we haven't watched SportsCenter in about five years). But we may tune in now that Awful Announcing (which doesn't seem like a big fan of Who's Now) has told us that Jessica Biel will soon be a panelist.
Ear, Ear

Barry Bonds :: AP
The New York Times catches up with a person very important to Barry Bonds. No, not anyone connected to BALCO. The Times speaks to -- get ready -- the man who designs Bonds' diamond cross earrings.
Are You Ready For Some Football?
The Spirit of Jake Plummer lists 41 reasons to look forward to the NFL's return. Our favorite is No. 8.
One Of A Kind
In honor of Rickey Henderson's return to baseall, 100%InjuryRate provides you with the 25 greatest Rickey Henderson stories. (Thanks John Merdinger of Palo Alto, Calif., for the link.)
No. 1 Villain
Sportswrap tackles a very important issue to those of us who love the '80s -- evaluating William Zabka's best movie roles (with plenty of YouTubes). (Thanks to Stephen Chang of Palo Alto, Calif., for the link.)
Videos of the Day
A Day In The Life Of Danny Ainge
How does the Executive Director of Basketball Operations for the Celtics spend his time at the office? Here's a look.
Banned Burger King commercial
We have no idea what the problem is with this ad.

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