July 17, 2007
The Links
Models And Their Salaries

Heidi Klum :: Stewart Shining/SI
Think athletes are overpaid? The New York Daily News checks in with a list of the top models and their yearly salaries, and Extra Mustard thinks Heidi Klum -- at a bargain basement price of $8 million a year -- is the pick of the litter.
Brady's Ladies
Let's see Bill Belichick draw up a play to get Tom Brady out of this mess -- his current girlfriend, Gisele Bundchen, is angry that his ex-girlfriend, Bridget Moynahan, is set to give birth to Brady's child ... on Bundchen's birthday.
Message In The Mouth
All we can say is $100 for a mouthpiece may even be a bigger ripoff than $46 million for Kei Igawa.
Only In Rugby
This rugby pro had a tooth lodged in his forehead ... FOR THREE MONTHS!!
Demise Of Entourage

Adrian Grenier, Jeremy Piven, Kevin Connolly and Jerry Ferrara :: Theo Wargo/WireImage.com
Hot Clicks has been vocal in our criticism of Entourage, which seems to be regressing every week. Why Don't We Get Drunk and Blog (one of the best names for a blog, period) points out that the suddenly tough E is only 5-foot-5 and Turtle's girlfriend of one episode (Lauren, the owner of the car detailing shop's daughter, remember her?) has pretty much disappeared. If only they'd make Billy Walsh go away, too.
Taking It Too Far?
For those who think beating all your friends at Madden equates to some type of athletic ability, you'll be happy about this -- EA Sports and Madden 08 are offering customers the chance to purchase "Championship Rings" as "a direct representation of a player's achievements and game skills."
Videos of the Day
Every Minnesota resident should be forced to buy tickets to at least three Twins games because of this fantastic commerical.
Neil and Christina
Not sure why this skit didn't make the SNL cut, but anything with Will Ferrell as Neil Diamond is worth seven minutes of your life.
Never Before Aired: Neil Diamond and Christina Aguilera
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