July 19, 2007
The Links
We're So Shallow

Amanda Beard and Jennie Finch :: Kevin Mazur/WireImage.com
We here at Hot Clicks love lists. So when we saw this list (with photos) of the Hottest Female Athletes in each sport, well, it was like Christmas in July.
The Big Lead has found a must-see photo of Dodgers catcher Russell Martin hanging with Alyssa Milano. The real gem, though, is the other guy sitting to her right.
If you have British Open fever, you'll enjoy these two items. First, Golf.com remembers the biggest collapses in major championship history. Meanwhile, Epic Carnival unveils its list of the best golf movie characters.
Barry Vs. The Worldwide Leader
So Barry Bonds raised some eyebrows yesterday when he didn't start for the third straight game. And now the gang at ESPN is wondering: Is Barry refusing to play in any games broadcast by the network?
Hair Raising

Oscar Gamble :: Walter Iooss Jr./SI
Bugs and Cranks offers a position-by-position look at the best Afros in baseball history.
Athletes On SNL
With the news that LeBron James will host an upcoming episode of Saturday Night Live, AOL Fanhouse evaluates how other athletes, such as Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Andy Roddick, handled the job.
Highway Robbery!!!
The Emmy nominations were announced this morning and Friday Night Lights was shutout. We guess we'll root for The Sopranos, which earned 15 nominations.
Coffee Talk
We've seen people eat 900 hot dogs in 30 seconds. We saw a moviemaker eat nothing but McDonald's for 30 days. And now we have this New Yorker, who visited -- and drank coffee -- at each of Manhattan's 117 Starbucks in 24 hours.
Videos of the Day
This Is Why We Don't Work Out
Those machines are dangerous. (If the video isn't showing up on your browser, click here.)

High Five!
Borat crashes the Tour De France.
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