July 23, 2007
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The Flaw With Football Movies

Varsity Blues will always be remembered for Ali Larter in whipped cream. :: Jamie McCarthy/WireImage.com
Epic Carnival looks at the trend of, as they put it, "dweebs" getting all the leads in football movies. As EC points out, someone in Hollywood thought Dawson James Van Der Beek could pass for a legit QB in Varsity Blues. What's even more insulting is that we were supposed to believe Ari Larter would wear nothing but whipped cream for Mox just because he was the school's QB.
Fixing In Action
FanIQ has posted mind-blowing video of NBA referee Tim Donaghy in action during Game 3 of the Suns-Spurs playoff series. Let's just say we feel bad for anyone who had the Suns plus the points in their 108-101 loss.
Who Didn't See This Coming?
Brynn Cameron, the mother of Matt Leinart's son, apparently isn't happy with Leinart's parenting skills. Considering that Leinart seems to party more than Paris Hilton and Linsday Lohan combined, we'd say that Cameron might be on to something. (Thanks to Bluestreet of Los Angeles for sending us the link.)
Where Was The Mute Button?
We're gonna try to sum up this clip found on Awful Announcing as G-rated as possible: Former college football analyst appears on radio show. Analyst goes to bathroom while being interviewed by hosts.
Semi-Nude Serena

Serena Williams :: Walter Iooss Jr.
AOL Fanhouse reports that Serena Williams will pose partially nude for Jane magazine. What we'd like to know is if that's enough incentive for a guy to actually walk into store, take Jane magazine off the shelf, walk up to the counter with it and then pay for it?
You Don't Know The First Thing About First Base
It's been 15 years since he guest starred on Seinfeld, but Keith Hernandez still can't get over the reaction to his appearance on the legendary sitcom.
Fantasy Land
For some reason I don't see the guys in my fantasy football league doing this, but this newspaper columnist wants the folks who win their league to donate their winnings to charity.
Welcome To America
Here's the scoop on the freak show folks who attended a big party on Sunday night in David Beckham's honor. Much better than that, though, is this hysterical look at the soccer's star debut. (Warning: Link contains profanity.)
Videos of the Day
This Is So Wrong
New football video game All-Pro Football 2k8 has created a team called the Assassains. Their star player? O.J. Simpson.

Man On A Mission
Last week, we told you about the guy in Manhattan who visited 117 Starbucks in 24 hours. Now we have video of this guy in action.
171 Starbucks
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