July 24, 2007
The Links
Randy Running Back
The New York Post's Page Six strikes again! Today's edition of the tabloid tells the tale of June's Penthouse Pet, Kimberly Williams and former NFL great, Marcus Allen. Williams claims Allen won't stop pursuing her and calls her more than 15 times a day.

However, Allen is fighting the accusations, and claims that Williams has sent him provocative pictures.Our favorite part of the story. Allen, who is 47 years old, has a MySpace page.

Kimberly Williams
Bennett Raglin/WireImage.com
Any Chance To Watch His Video
Barstool Sports comes through with one of the best look-alikes we've ever seen: Controversial NBA referee, Tim Donaghy, and the kid who became an Internet sensation after unleashing his catchphrase, "boom goes the dynamite."
Tim Donaghy Will Like This News
Who will win the Heisman Trophy? Ironically enough, the Wizard of Odds has the odds, and the frontrunner is yet another USC Trojan.
But Will They Take Ron Mexico Jerseys?
Leave it to some wacky minor league team to use the Michael Vick situation to its benefit. Lion In Oil reports that the Long Beach Armada will hold "Michael Vick Animal Awareness Day". The Armada will destroy all Vick jerseys, and any fan who trades in a Vick T-shirt or jersey will receive free admission to the game.
Linsday's Losin' It

Linsday Lohan :: James Devaney/WireImage.com
We wanted to bring you this tremendous story from The Sun about Linsday Lohan betting a friend that she could "get intimate" with David Beckham, but we doubt anyone will care now that the trainwreck ended up getting arrested AGAIN for DUI early this morning.
How Cute
With Leather has some pics up of Dodgers pitcher Brad Penny with his girlfriend, actress Eliza Dushku. The interesting part of all this? They're wearing matching outfits.
Move Over, Michael Vick
Since we're on a run of hard-to-stomach sports stories, here's another. A couple wanted to go out to watch a Packers game so they decided to lock their 7-year-old son in his room, giving him a bucket to use as a toilet.
Forget These Formulas
Cracked.com tells us about six movie formulas that must be stopped.
Videos of the Day
Is He Saying Michael Vick Is Barbaric?
Watch this looney Senator talk about Michael Vick.

Now THAT'S A Practical Joke
This guy gets a surprise when he tries to give the traffic report. (Warning: Expletive used.)
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