July 25, 2007
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New Athlete-Celebrity Couple Alert

Missy Peregrym :: Chris Weeks/WireImage.com
Pittsburgh quarterback Ben Roethilsberger seems to be having a much better offseason this year than he did last year. Apparently this isn't new news, but he's dating Heroes star Missy Peregrym. Reports about the two being an item circulated a few months ago, but with the Steelers opening camp this week, the pair have been spotted together more frequently.
Where Are They Now: 2025 Edition
The Spirit of Jake Plummer doesn't want to wait 18 years for SI's annual "Where Are They Now?" issue. So they've decided to tell us now what Pacman Jones, Ricky Williams, Gilbert Arenas, Sidney Crosby and many others will be doing in 2025.
Top-10 Signs A Referee Is Fixing Games
The list comes courtesy of David Letterman.
Mug Shot Alert
Bugs and Cranks leaves no stone unturned as they unveil baseball's All-Felon Squad. (Thanks to Jack Meyhoffer -- who became famous by calling Bill O'Reilly -- of Toledo, Ohio for sending us the link.) Also, check out this Smoking Gun gallery of people who have been busted while wearing the jerseys of their favorite sports team.
Leinart's Offseason Battle

Kid Rock, Matt Leinart :: Theo Wargo/WireImage.com
This Matt Leinart-Brynn Cameron feud is heating up. Cameron reportedly wants $30,000 a month in child support. Leinart now tells People that he goes to great lengths to see his son. And while the welfare of their child is without a doubt the No. 1 priority in all this, we're not gonna lie -- we're wondering what all of this off-field controversy is going to do to the QB's fantasy value
Michael Vick, The Actor
Shoutfan has posted all of the movie posters featuring Michael Vick and his furry co-stars. (Thanks to Adam Cather of Sherman Oaks, Calif., for sending us the link.)
Thank God He Banned Guns
Via the Big Lead comes a link to Just Call Me Juice, which lists all of the changes new Miami Hurricanes coach Randy Shannon has implemented.
Hollywood Fun
Two videos you need to see: First, Beyonce falls hard last night during her concert (at the 25 second mark). Second, in what is a rare occasion, something funny happened on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night. Check out how guest Rob Scheider came out for his appearance.
Videos of the Day
Madden 97
Here's how the popular video game looked 10 years ago.

What's Goin On In The Neighborhood?
Mr. Rogers has a little mishap.
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