July 30, 2007
The Links
Paps Prefers Pam

Pamela Anderson :: George Pimentel/WireImage.com
Pamela Anderson vs. Alyssa Milano. We know it's been debated by men all over the world. Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon recently revealed where he stands on the issue, saying about the former Who's the Boss star, "She doesn't really do it for me."
Of Course This Would Be His Next Job
From the "you can't make this up" department comes the news, courtesy of AOL Fanhouse, that Pacman Jones is set to join TNA Wrestling. Could Jones' reputation be so bad that even the WWE turned him down?
Move Over, Dick Cheney
Players' egos aren't the only thing reporters have to worry about when they're in the locker room. Pellet guns are another hazard. A Kansas City reporter found that out after Royals outfielder Emil Brown accidentally shot her with one.
Coincidence? We Think Not.
So what promotion are the Dodgers having on Thursday, when Barry Bonds and the Giants are in town? Cap Day? No. Bat Day? Nope. Bobblehead Day. Negative. They're gonna have ... a steroid awareness clinic.
Read It And Weep

Rudy, Million Dollar Baby :: TriStar, Warner Brothers
Entertainment Weekly counts down the 50 best tearjerkers, and a few sports movies crack the list.
Cinderella's Story
Last season's college football darlings, the Boise State Broncos, are getting the documentary treatment. The Wizard of Odds has posted the three-minute trailer for Out of the Blue. Speaking of the Broncos, running back Ian Johnson and his girlfriend, whom he proposed to immediately after winning the Fiesta Bowl, got married on Saturday.
Simpsons, Simpsons And More Simpsons
Best Week Ever provides a long list of all the lists from various Web sites related to the show.
Discounts Galore
The Lefty.net looks at the Michael Vick bonanza going on at eBay right now.
Videos of the Day
An Interesting Turn Of Events
Watch a strikeout turn into a home run.

TV Bloopers
Who knew the news was so funny?

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