August 01, 2007
The Links
What Did He Expect?

O.J. Simpson :: Bryan Haraway/Getty Images
We hate to even mention O.J. Simpson in this space, but today it can't be helped. You must watch this video of the Juice appearing on a call-in talk show. In what might be the least surprising news ever, the appearance didn't go well.
We'll Say Kournikova, Beard and Mitts
The Ghosts of Wayne Fontes asks a great question today: If you could hang out with three athletes who would they be and why? They reveal their picks and it's quite a trio.
Ah, So That's Where We've Seen Her
Mr. Irrelevant comes up with an interesting connection between Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher and one of the women on the must-watch VH-1 show, Rock of Love starring Bret Michaels. (Warning: Strong language is used.)
Blind Items
The New York Post has the reputation for dishing out salacious gossip, but it's the Daily News that has come up big the past two days. Yesterday, it had this gem: "Which unlikely sports celebrity will soon be gracing a fitness magazine cover as part of a back-room deal to keep certain damaging hooker allegations out of a different publication?" It follows that up today with, "Which lady sports journalist has become locker-room gossip because of her hands-on approach to covering ball sports?"
Throw It Down

Spud Webb :: Walter Iooss Jr./SI
The Sons of Sam Malone break down the NBA's best dunkers of all time at each position.
He's Loved Somewhere
Check out 100% Injury Rate to see what San Francisco's City Hall has done to honor Barry Bonds.
Brew Crew
Deuce of Davenport remembers the best beer commercials of the '80s -- with YouTubes for all of them.
Who Woulda Thunk It?
We're just gonna let the headline on this story do all the work.
Videos of the Day
Fantasy Football Rap
The buzz for fantasy football players is picking up steam. This video should get you even more pumped up.

Crash Landing
Things can't go well when you decide to skateboard on a roof.

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