August 02, 2007
The Links
Another Reason To Hate Duke

Lauren Conrad :: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images
Athletes and celebs continue to find each other. It appears that Laguna Beach and The Hills hottie Lauren Conrad is dating former Blue Devil Josh McRoberts. From the pics over at 100% Injury Rate, however, it looks like Conrad wants to keep their relationship on the DL. (UPDATE: The folks are OregonLive now tell us that Conrad may have already soured on McRoberts.)
No Pain, No Gain
Sportswrap has put together a montage of the all-time best training scenes from movies. Karate Kid made the list, so we're happy.
Vince Gets Vicious
Training camps are barely under way, but tempers can still flare up. That's what happened yesterday when Titans quarterback Vince Young came to the defense of WR Courtney Roby and started a fight with a defensive player. Winning the Turnover Battle has the video.
From Touchdowns To Smackdown
Via Awful Announcing comes this link to one of the best blog posts we've seen in a long time. With the news earlier this week that Pacman Jones was in talks to become a wrestler, the site Pacman Jonesin' lists the other NFL players it wants to see in the squared circle. And the site goes the extra step to tell us if the player should be a heel or a face.
Boston's KG Party

Kevin Garnett :: AP
New Celtic Kevin Garnett caused a frenzy with the fans when he threw out the first pitch at Fenway Park before last night's Red Sox game.
Another Barry Basher
Even Alyssa Milano is piling on Barry Bonds.
Speaking Of Barry ...
The Sports Hernia is wondering which face Bud Selig will make when Bonds breaks Hank Aaron's record.
Many people are sick of Beckham mania. TMZ reports that Britney Spears is one of those folks. Apparently, Brit didn't want to sit next to Posh at a celeb hangout. What's much better than this, though, is TMZ's headline on the story right under this one: "Bobby [Brown] -- Bin Laden and Bush Want My Ass."
Videos of the Day
Greatest Movie Hitter Vs. Greatest Movie Closer
What would happen if Major League's Wild Thing, Rick Vaughn, faced The Natural's Roy Hobbs? (Link comes Via Barstool Sports.)
It's Funny 'Cause It's True
Ordering at Starbucks vs. ordering at a tattoo shop.

starbucks customer vs tattoo shop customer
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