August 08, 2007
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Baseball Players And Their Music

Madonna :: Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images
Via Sports By Brooks comes a link to the best Wikipedia page we've ever seen -- a list of the entrance music for a slew of baseball players. We were mildly amused to see that Rockies outfielder Matt Holliday comes to the plate to Madonna's classic '80s tune, Holiday.
Giant Moment
Check out this amazing video taken in the section where Barry Bonds' 756th home run landed.
Do Your Good Deed For The Day
Help an 81-year-old fan get the opportunity to sing Take Me Out To the Ballgame at an upcoming Cubs game.
Fear This Fan
It's one thing to be heckled at a baseball game. It's another thing when the heckling is being done by The Bogeyman.
Delectable Collectible

Three's Company
From Three's Company to American Gladiators, I Mockery looks at the worst trading cards ever.
Injury Of The Day
This soccer star is sidelined after getting hurt while stretching in bed.
Videos of the Day
You Knew This Wouldn't End Well
How not to remove a basketball hoop.

How Not To Remove A Basketball Hoop - Watch more free videos
Britney's Blunder
Check out video of the former pop princess getting into a fender bender.

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