August 13, 2007
The Links
Soccer Love Triangle?

Gemma Atkinson :: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images
Is there trouble brewing for one of England's famous couples? Rumors are swirling about soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend, actress Gemma Atkinson, possibly getting cozy with another soccer player. We really don't care about this in any way. We just wanted to show you a picture of Atkinson. (Thanks to With Leather for the tip.)
Even Harrington Knows He Stinks
The Angry T has uncovered a hilarious conversation that took place between Joey Harrington and Michael Vick.
This Is Why Hard Knocks Is Great
Via Sportswrap comes this clip of Chiefs safety Bernard Pollard entertaining his teammates with some interesting dancing.
"They Are Who We Thought They Were"
In a total no-brainer, Coors Light has signed former Cardinals coach Dennis Green to appear in their commericals. And as Lion in Oil points out, the folks on YouTube already have had a field day coming up with their own versions of what the spots should look like by using Green's famous meltdown from last season.
This Will Keep You Busy For Awhile

Joe Montana :: Otto Greule Jr./Getty Images
Armchair GM has come up with a formula to determine the 100 -- yes 100 -- greatest quarterbacks of all time.
Every Golfer's Dream
Tiger Woods Fist Pump looks at how different the golf world would be if there was no Tiger Woods.
From Tony To Sonny
James Gandolfini is returning to HBO, where he'll play sneaker company guru Sonny Vaccaro in the movie, ABCD Camp.
That Wouldn't Have Happened To Bob Barker
Drew Carey is off to an interesting start in his new role as host of The Price is Right. The comedian was injured on the set last week when his arm got caught in one of the spinning wheels.
Videos of the Day
Cheap Shots
Here's a compilation of dirty soccer fouls made all the more entertaining by great background music.
Drunk College Guys Never Fail To Entertain
Dude decides to elbow a table. The rest is history.

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