August 17, 2007
The Links
Fox's Foul Up

Katherine McPhee :: Gregg DeGuire/
Fox has decided that it needs a special host to anchor its Super Bowl coverage this coming January. So to whom has the network given the all-important job? Ryan Seacrest. Just the person all NFL fans want to see for a slew of hours on Super Bowl Sunday. We say we petition the network and fight for another American Idol star to replace Seacrest -- Katherine McPhee.
The Much Better Half
You may not care about the English Premier League -- or soccer in general -- but you'll still want to check out With Leather's very detailed reporting on the best WAGs (Wives and Girlfriends) that the league has to offer.
How Long Did This Take???
If you're a college football fan and you want to keep track of the week-to-week schedules, Cobra Brigade has put together the best excel sheet we've ever downloaded. It has the 2007 schedule for every Division I team -- using helmets. (Thanks to Jennifer Sullivan of Key West, Fla., for the link.)
Maybe She Doesn't Like Sexy Back?
TMZ cameras caught Alex Rodriguez and his wife, Cynthia, going to Justin Timberlake's concert at Madison Square Garden last night. We just have one observation. Cynthia doesn't look like a happy camper.
Puddy Would Be Proud

Who knew Occidental College had such loyal fans? :: Kevin Cox/WireImage
In case you missed it on our SIOC section yesterday, we posted a photo gallery of the ever-popular college fans in bodypaint.
No Rafael Palmeiro For Viagra?
Sons of Sam Malone are on a roll. Today they're remembering the 10 best athlete commercials -- with YouTubes for each.
That Was Fast!
It seems David Beckham Fever is officially over. SportsByBrooks reports that the paid attendance for Becks' second home game was 9,223.
Dream Or A Nightmare?
You may have noticed's running "Dream Team" feature this week. The Sports Hernia has decided to put its unique spin on this concept by revealing their 1980s "dream" NBA squad.
What Is A Potty Mouth Game Show Host?
Deuce of Davenport has one of the best finds we've ever seen -- Jeopardy host Alex Trebek cursing up a storm during promo outakes. (Warning: Clip contains graphic language.)
Our Kind Of Movies
In honor of Superbad opening tonight (we already have our tickets), Cinematical gives us their list of Seven Teen Sex Comedies That Don't Suck! It also tells us which movies just missed the cut.
Videos of the Day
Shaq's Struggling
Shaquille O'Neal, currently in China, took on a few locals and didn't exactly impress.

For The Birds
Watch this poor guy get attacked by a couple of birds. (If the video isn't showing up, click here)

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