August 20, 2007
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Reality Check

Elisabeth Hasselbeck :: Evan Agostini/Getty Images
Reality TV "stars" and athletes seem to be hooking up at a rapid rate. So the Big Lead has taken it upon itself to figure out which athlete currently has the hottest reality TV wife/girlfriend. Where does Giants backup QB Tim Hasselbeck, who is married to former Survivor contestant Elisabeth Hasselbeck, rank on the list?
All Hype
Since we spent a ton of money investing in Kevin Maas rookie cards, we can relate to this blog entry by Tiger Woods Fist Pump. From Phil Planteir to Gregg Jefferies, the site looks back at players whose baseball card was a hot item even though they didn't do much on the field.
Following The Script
With exhibition football seeming as meaningless as ever, Epic Carnival reveals its 10 favorite preseason football announcer lines.
A Mascot's Work Is Never Done
This has to go above and beyond the duty of a mascot. Sportswrap has video of the Oakland A's mascot, Stomper, going one-on-one with a fan in a breakdancing contest.
Football Flops

Tony Mandarich :: SI
In honor of Tim Couch's failed comeback, the Angry T unveils the all-bust NFL team.
Get This Man A Job!
Many of you probably have never heard of Charlie Minn. Minn was a host on an old sports talk show in New York called Newsport Talk. He also worked in the WWF for a short period of time. Well, Deuce of Davenport has uncovered old video of Minn doing sports at a local TV station. Check out this guy's enthusiasm and craziness. As a bonus, here's a clip of Minn's debut in the WWF, where he mixes it up with Gorilla Monsoon and Ted DiBiase.
Rare Loss For The NFL
ESPN's Monday Night Football set a ratings record for basic cable on Sept. 23 of last year. That record is now history. And what show beat the almighty NFL? The Disney Channel's High School Musical 2.
Special Appearances
Bob Barker in Happy Gilmore kicks off's list of the 10 Most Memorable Movie Cameos by Non-Actors.
Videos of the Day
Can't Have Worse Luck Than This
Check out this nasty motorcycle accident.
More Headache's For Bud
Apparently Bud Selig can't hear too well.

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