August 22, 2007
The Links
The Force Is Strong With This One

Ashley Force :: Ron Lewis/Icon SMI
Is this the hottest woman in sports? Quite frankly, we've never heard of Ashley Force before today, but she's battling Jennie Finch in AOL Fanhouse's contest to determine the hottest female athlete. Ladies, don't despair. Fanhouse is also having a contest to determine the hottest male athlete. It's Brady vs. Roddick in that one.
The Ultimate Insult
An Astros fan proposed to his girlfriend during Monday's game, but things didn't go well. The woman dumped popcorn on his head and left the stadium. And now to make matters worse, the dude is stuck with a $300 bill from the Astros, which includes the two tickets, the proposal shown on the scoreboard and a souvenir video of the proceedings. If anyone can find a YouTube of this, please e-mail it to us.
eBay Auction Of The Day
As of 9:15 a.m. ET, the bidding is up to $103 for 22 Michael Vick football cards that have been chewed on by the auctioner's dog.
Speaking Of Vick...
Two more items: First, check out the Top 10 Michael Vick Excuses from last night's Late Show with David Letterman. Second, for more Vick insanity, check out Stephon Marbury's comments about the controversial QB and dogfighting.
Interesting Fan Base

Tim Tebow :: AP
Florida Gators QB Tim Tebow seems to be a big hit with the grade schoolers. Check out the reaction he gets when he walks into the classroom.
Sucks For Him
Shakedown Sports has great video of England goaltender Joe Hart scoring an own goal yesterday.
Chris "Bacon Lover" Berman
That's how the sportscaster introduces himself in this new Dunkin' Donuts commercial in which he hypes a Bacon Lover's Supreme Omelet sandwich.
Sadly, We've Peformed Many Of These
Best Week Ever presents The Top 10 Karaoke Songs To Avoid At All Costs.
Videos of the Day
Record Breaker
Check out this guy attempting to set the record for doing the lowest limbo in history.

Eli's Embarrassment
Eli Manning got tough with Tiki Barber yesterday. So if Tiki needs any ammunition against the QB, this video should suffice. It's Eli singing on stage with Kenny Chesney.

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