August 24, 2007
The Links
She's Baaaack!
Did you think we'd go the entire 2007 baseball season without hearing from Anna Benson? The controversial wife of Orioles pitcher Kris Benson has been quiet this year. We're guessing it's because 1) She's out of the media capital of the world, New York, and 2) Kris has been on the DL for most of the season.

But Bugs & Cranks recently caught up with Anna for a Q&A, which we have to say is shockingly mild. She didn't even threaten to sleep with members of the Orioles. Has the sparkplug toned down her act?

Anna Benson
Michael Buckner/Getty Images
Best Contract Demands Ever
That honor goes to Chelsea soccer star Frank Lampard, even though we doubt this could possibly be real. Anyway, 100% Injury Rate reports that among Lampard's demands in current contract negotiations is the following: "Upon scoring a goal, Mr. Lampard is to be unmolested by fellow players for at least five ("5") seconds, in order to perform a celebration as he deems appropriate. When the rest of the team then embraces him, they may not touch him below the waist."
The blogosphere is having a field day with the news that Tom Brady is a dad. The Sports Hernia has a hilarious take on what Brady's son has been up to during his short time on earth. Signal to Noise has the scoop on the congratulations phone calls that Brady received from Matt Leinart and Brian Urlacher. (Warning: Graphic language is used in both links.) And finally, Sportswrap has a pic of the Brady baby.
Move Over, Maria
Rizzo Sports offers an interesting U.S. Open women's preview. We'll, they're calling it a U.S. Open preview, but they're really just scouting the best looking up-and-coming players.
Timberlake And Alba Take On Hockey

Jessica Alba :: Mario Tama/Getty Images
It's not enough that Justin Timberlake is dating Jessica Biel. Now he's signed up to co-star in a hockey movie with Jessica Alba. The Postmen have all the details about the flick in which Timberlake will play a member of the L.A. Kings.
We Hope She Got A Big Tip
As we all know, people go to Hooters for one reason and one reason only -- the wings. But this video, sent to us by Eugene of Cambridge, England shows us that all kinds of fun can happen at the fine the establishment.
If You Have $29.98 To Spend
Yesterday we told you about Seinfeld's $284 box set. Today, via the Big Lead, we bring you news of a more affordable DVD set that you should purchase -- Season 1 of Friday Night Lights. The Washington Post has all the details about what the discs include but here's all you need to know: "If you are not completely satisfied with this compelling drama about life in football-obsessed Dillon, Tex., the studio will refund every penny of the DVD's $29.98 retail price, minus shipping and handling charges." Again -- WATCH THIS SHOW!
This List Should've Been Much Longer
Entertainment Weekly is counting down the 50 biggest celebrity scandals since 1985.
Videos of the Day
Check out this kid performing some soccer tricks, including taking his shirt off while the ball rests on his neck.

This Is Gr8
This guy is here to teach you about text message abbreviations. (Warning: Contains some graphic language.)

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