August 27, 2007
The Links
Wedded To Willa

Willa Ford :: John Sciulli/Getty Images
NHL star Mike Modano took the plunge Saturday, marrying singer/Dancing with the Stars contestant/Playboy model Willa Ford. Our favorite part of the Dallas Morning News' recap: "Ms. Ford eschewed the traditional wedding gown in favor of a snug-fitting long cocktail dress."
Good Times
Home Run Derby has posted a video that'll bring a smile to anyone's face: Harry Caray chugging a beer in the Cubs locker room after Chicago clinched a postseason berth in 1984.
Deplorable Defense
The Syracuse Chiefs, Toronto's Class AAA affiliate, played a memorable game last night, losing to Ottawa 12-10. We're gonna go out on a limb and say the Chiefs' 10 errors contributed to the defeat.
Bad Boys
100% Injury Rate has the most comprehensive list of athletes and their illegitimate children that you'll ever see, while the Big Lead wonders who makes the Mount Rushmore of sports criminals.
Hoop It Up

Karl Malone and Dennis Rodman took their feud to the WCW ring in 1998. :: Mike Nelson/Getty Images
ArmchairGM uses YouTubes to remember the -- in their words -- Top 10 WTF NBA Moments in Recent Memory.
Kitna's Plea
The Lions quarterback has a message for fantasy football players.
Best On-Screen Feuds
From Carl Spackler vs. The Gopher to Jeff Spicolli vs. Mr. Hand to Daniel LaRusso vs. Johnny Lawrence, Rivalfish ranks the top 50 movie rivalries of all time.
Pacman Would Be Proud
A Tennessee man was busted for using his computer to make fake $100 bills to buy lap dances at a strip club. Well, you can't blame him for trying.
Videos of the Day
Hoof Hearted
We saw this old clip for the first time last night and we can't get enough.

At Least She Has Her Looks
This clip was all over those lame morning radio shows today. Miss South Carolina attempts -- we emphasize attempts -- to answer a question at last Friday's Miss Teen USA Pageant.

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