August 29, 2007
The Links
Cuban's Competition
As first reported by Chris Mannix on this past Sunday, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban will be a cast member on the next edition of Dancing with the Stars. Today, ABC unveiled the rest of the cast.

Others who will shake their stuff on the show are boxer Floyd Mayweather, race car driver Helio Castronetes, Beverly Hills 90210 alum Jennie Garth and our personal favorite, model Josie Maran. If you don't know who Josie is, this should help.

Josie Maran
Pamela Hanson/SI
'I Could Have Been A Rhodes Scholar...
... Except For My Grades.' That's just one of the gems on Fan IQ's list of the best quotes in college football history.
Sign Of The Apocalypse
Apparently there's a company that sells a virtual playbook for Madden 08. Our Book of Scrap has posted the must-see ad.
Brady Baby Drama
The name of Tom Brady and Bridget Moynahan's baby has finally been revealed, but the kid's last name is not Brady. Uh oh.
Clinton Portis Likes Percentages

Clinton Portis :: Gary Fitzgerald
We have a good friend who gives percentages on everything. We think he's been outdone by Clinton Portis. (For example: Sept. 21, 2006: "I'm about 105 percent and climbing.") You'll especially want to check this story out if you plan on drafting Portis or if you already have him on your fantasy team.
Spit Happens
Did Little Leaguers from a losing team spit in their hands before shaking hands with their opponents?
Solid Soundtracks
What are the top 10 sports movie theme songs of all-time? Sons of Sam Malone tackles that topic, and we have no issues at all with No. 1.
Music Mysteries
Rivalfish is ranking the 50 worst songs to ever reach No. 1 on a Billboard chart. We'll just say this: No. 50 should be No. 1.
Videos of the Day
Are You Ready For Some Football?
With college football kicking off tomorrow and the NFL season getting under way in eight days, we thought a look back at the old NFL Today opening (and Brent Musburger in his younger days) would get you even more pumped up for gridiron action.

The Highlight Comes At The 1:15 Mark
Here's the deal with this clip: CFL football game. In-game promotion. Woman is blindfolded. Then she's spun around three times. Then she tries to find some banner to win a prize. Hilarity ensues. (Thanks to Sam Marsh of Austin for sending this to us.)

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