August 30, 2007
The Links
Sports Movies: Chick Flick Edition

Jessica Biel :: AP
E! looks at 10 Sports Movies Made for Ladies. Sadly, we like most of these, especially Summer Catch. We know it's a bad movie, but we can't help ourselves. Whenever it's on, we watch it. Hmm? We wonder why?
What do Marshall running back Chubb Small and SMU offensive lineman Lucky DeLay have in common? They both made The Extrapolater's Porn Names of Conference USA All-Star team.
At Least There's Only One Day Left
Rumors and Rants lists 27 very amusing reasons why sports suck in August. (Warning: Link contains graphic language.)
Spicing Up A Draft
Deadspin has found a Craiglist gem. It seems a group of guys would like some entertainment at their fantasy football draft -- that's adult entertainment. Well, if you have the first or last pick, there is a lot of time to kill before your next selection.
College Kids Everywhere Are Celebrating

Wii :: AP
You Been Blinded has some news that video game afficianados might be interested in hearing: A Wii beer pong game is coming out this fall.
Players Don't Even Dive Like That
Five Tool Tool has great video of someone going all out to catch a foul ball.
Attention, Shoppers!
With college football kicking off tonight, many fans are busy doing one thing today: putting money into an online gambling account trying to figure out which television to buy. Digital advisor is here to help those of you looking to upgrade your sets for the college and NFL season by breaking down the Best HDTVs for Football.
They Just Want To Be Prepared
Two sports stars make's morbid, yet creative list of Eight Celebrities Whose Obituaries CNN Has Probably Already Written.
Videos of the Day
Baseball Tennis
Check out these two guys playing tennis using baseball bats instead of rackets.

Tribute Or Stalker-ish?
We love Peter Gammons, but we're not sure this tribute does the veteran journalist justice. The lyrics seem to be, well, kind of repetitive.

The Peter Gammons Theme Song!
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