September 05, 2007
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Light Reading

From left to right, cheerleaders for the Bucs, Titans and Texans :: Getty Images
Epic Carnival has all the details on a new magazine that is about to hit the newsstands: Pro Cheerleader Magazine.
Draft Destroyers
If you want to relive the reasons why you haven't won a fantasy football league over the past few years, check out the Angry T's list of of the top 10 fantasy busts since 1995 based on the percentage of production dropoff.
Thinking Ahead
Michigan has learned its lesson. Look at who the school has scheduled to play in next year's season opener.
Prospect And Pioneer
Jets center Nick Mangold has a sibling who is a 17-year-old senior, weighs 315 pounds, can bench press 264 and squat 525 and may possibly play offensive line in college. Oh, and it's his sister.
Red Sox Lookalikes

Seth Rogen, Eric Gagne :: Rogen: Getty Images; Gagne: Icon SMI
Bugs & Cranks has already looked at some Red Sox/celebrity lookalikes (with none being better than David Ortiz and Florida Evans from Good Times). Well, they're back with another edition featuring Boston's new players.
Yes, We Are Shameless
Mr. Irrelevant discovered an interesting nugget during Monday night's Florida St.-Clemson game. One of the Seminoles' players is named Mister Alexander. So yes, in formal settings he's known as Mr. Mister Alexander. And yes, part of the reason we're linking to this is because Mr. Irrelevant spoke highly of Hot Clicks yesterday.
Things Must Live In There
The Blog of Hilarity has a must-see photo of the winner of the World Beard and Mustache Championships.
Failures And Flops
The 2001-03 Texas Rangers make's list of the 10 Biggest Wastes of Talent.
Videos of the Day
Sad Goodbye
Tonight is the last episode of Hard Knocks on HBO. In honor of that, we're bringing you video of Gunther Cunningham threatening to cut the players' hands off. Unfortunately, the curse words have been beeped out of this version.

Rejected Vodka Ad
This is so wrong.

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