September 06, 2007
The Links
Baseball Players' Babes
The Big Lead goes position by position and fields a major league baseball team based on which player has dated and/or married the hottest women.

Josh Beckett was a no-brainer for the squad since he's been with Alyssa Milano and LeeAnn Tweeden. Then again, a lot of players could make the team based on being with Milano.

LeeAnn Tweeden
Getty Images
Hard Knocks Wrapup
We're kinda bummed today since Hard Knocks ended last night, but With Leather and Mister Irrelevant have picked up our spirits. First, With Leather has posted the best pic we've seen on the Web of Brodie Croyle's wife. And Mister Irrelevant alerts us to an important online poll taking place to determine whose wife is hotter: Croyle's or Tony Gonzalez's.
Forget Throwing Touchdowns
Rumors and Rants has come up with one of the more fascinating topics we've seen in a long time: Which NFL quarterback would you want to be your wingman if you were out on the town? It's worth checking out just for the pics they've provided. (Warning: Link contains graphic language.)
What A Way To Start A Marriage
Yankees rookie pitcher Ian Kennedy has made only one start for New York, but with Roger Clemens injured and Mike Mussina ineffective, the kid could land on the postseason roster (if the Yankees make the playoffs). You'd think this would be good news for Kennedy, but there's a catch. He's due to get married during the ALDS to USC women's basketball player Allison Jaskowiak.
Now THIS Is Effort

Wrigley Field :: AP
The Chicago Tribune tells the incredible story of a 58-year-old man who is building a replica of Wrigley Field at 1/3 the size of the original.
Get Charles Barkley At Your Bar Mitzvah
Want to know how much it would cost to get some of the top (and bottom) broadcasters in sports to speak at an event? Awful Announcing has all the quotes.
Coco Crisp Won't Like This List remembers the Top 10 Moments In Mascot History -- with YouTubes. (Warning: Site contains mildly NSFW material.)
The Legend Of Joba Continues To Grow
It seems that the Sportspickle is impressed with Joba Chamberlain.
Videos of the Day
Urgent Messages
Let's listen in as Joe Paterno checks his answering machine.

Yankees Go Country
Thanks to today's New York Daily News, we found out that Roger Clemens and Johnny Damon joined Kenny Chesney on stage last week. Damon reportedly started break dancing (who wouldn't at a country music concert?), but unfortunately, there's no YouTube of that.

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