September 07, 2007
The Links
Faithful Opening
There's nothing wrong with Faith Hill. She clearly looks good, sounds good and we're guessing she smells good, too, but the new opening to Sunday Night Football was far from good.

Forget about the ugly game, we couldn't stop cringing at the sight of that uncomfortably awkward red carpet scene and the constant cell phone promos. We never thought we'd say this, but where's John Tesh when you need him?

Faith Hill
What A Drag
How do you drum up interest for a boxing card that "features" a super featherweight bout between Juan Manuel Marquez and Rocky Juarez? The prospect of Oscar De La Hoya as a ring card girl, of course, as Larry Brown Sports details.
Upset Special
Thom Brennaman may be best known as a baseball announcer, but as Sports By Brooks points out, he's now called two of the biggest upsets in college football history. His call during Boise State's Fiesta Bowl victory was top-notch, but we'll have to take the word of anyone who has the Big Ten Network that his call during the Appalachian State-Michigan game was just as good.
In The Darko
We've never thought much of Darko Milicic. You know, at least not as much as Joe Dumars, who drafted him over Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Bosh four years ago. In fact, this classic tirade is the first time we can ever remember typing his name. Oh, and in case you don't speak Serbian, AOL Fanhouse has the lowdown on the expletive-filled outburst.
On The Market

Jenna Fischer :: Kevin Winter/Getty Images
She might not be our cup of tea (we'll take Kim Kardashian with a side order of Vida Guerra, please), but we have a feeling a certain writer is smiling about the prospects of this recent "free agent."
Sorry, Kige, you're the man, but that was a bad start to your football prognostications. On the other hand, we couldn't agree with you more regarding Lindsay Lohan.
There are a few words that come to mind before "off" when describing this absurd competition between Kobe Bryant and Antonio Esfandiari, but we'll keep it clean. At the very least the "Magician" is one hell of a tipper.
Let's Play The Feud
Defensive stars Shawne Merriman and Brian Urlacher don't like each other, as AOL Fanhouse explains. Too bad Urlacher doesn't still play some offense like he did in college. If he did, Sunday's Chargers-Bears game would be even more interesting.
Videos of the Day
Kansas State Rocks!
If Wildcats fans weren't already pumped up for Saturday's home opener against San Jose State, this promotional spot starring a suave mascot will do the trick.

Mmmm ... Popcorn
How boring was the Colts-Saints season opener? We'd rather watch this kid go to town on a tub of popcorn instead.

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