September 11, 2007
The Links
All-Pro Movies

Friday Night Lights cast :: Evan Agostini/Getty Images
Entertainment Weekly compiled its list of the top 14 football movies and TV shows. It's an admirable effort, but let's just say we have a difference of opinion (we would have included Paper Lion, The Program, Invincible and Radio over The Water Boy, Little Giants, Playmakers and Diner, a non-football movie). At least Friday Night Lights made the list, giving us an excuse to post this picture of the show's female stars.
Fat Chance
To make room for all those fat-bottom fans attending the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, organizers are making seats wider and deeper.
Drunks + TV Reporter = Bad News
We're not into getting belligerently hammered at rugby matches and beating up innocent people, but if we were, we probably wouldn't do it in front of a high definition camera on live television.
There's nothing like a good prank. We've been on both sides of a good burn, but this one takes the cake. Sure, it cost a pretty penny, but the final outcome was worth every cent.
The Britney Backlash

Britney Spears :: Kevin Winter/Getty Images
With Britney Spears' "performance" at the VMAs still grabbing national headlines (as depressing as that may be), we feel the need to say something. There was a laundry list of problems with her failed comeback, but the one we can't get over hearing about is her weight, which we thought was pretty good for someone who's had two kids in the past two years. Even the Associated Press felt it necessary to call her "embarrassingly out of shape." No, Jared Lorenzen and David Wells are "embarrassingly out of shape." Spears is simply an embarrassment, and it has nothing to do with her figure.
Off, Off, Off Broadway
It may not have the same Hollywood cast as The Bronx is Burning, but according to the New York Post, Darryl Strawberry and Jim Leyritz will appear in a one-act play based on The Boy of Steel, the book by George Steinbrenner special adviser Ray Negron.
Model Teammate
No matter what Pacman Jones does the rest of his career, no one can ever call him a "loser." Well, at least when it comes to professional wrestling titles. The embattled Titans cornerback won the TNA Wrestling world tag team championship along with Ron Killings during a pay-per-view event on Sunday while his "other" teammates were busy winning their season opener against the Jaguars.
The Van Is On The Field
There's tearing down the goal posts, and then there's this: A high school football game in Wisconsin was delayed about an hour after an 82-year-old man reportedly smashed his minivan through a chain-link fence and into a goal post.
Videos of the Day
What A Streak!
Once in a blue moon (pun intended) you might see a streaker run on to the playing field, but when was the last time you saw three getting into the mix?

Acing His Second Career's Justin Gimelstob may have retired from professional tennis, but judging from his appearance on The Tonight Show, he'll do just fine in his post-playing career.

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