September 12, 2007
The Links
Love Match?

Maria Sharapova :: Walter Iooss Jr./SI
Maria Sharapova and Novak Djokovic fell short of winning the U.S. Open this year, but they may have come away with the crown for best couple. Reports out of New York are that the attractive 20-year-olds might be an item after being spotted at various parties during the tournament.
TV's Finest
We might have taken exception to Entertainment Weekly's list of the top football movies and television shows, but we can't get enough of Time's 100 Best TV Shows of All-Time. The Super Bowl (and the ads) and SportsCenter made the list. Sadly, Pro Stars was left off.
Crack Reporting
How many newspaper editors does it take to break a baseball bat? These two guys would certainly make the crew from Office Space proud.
Plenty of Seats Available
It's no secret that the Marlins can't draw any fans to their home games, but they took it to an all-time low Monday. The Miami Herald reports that there were about 200 fans left in the 67,000-seat Dolphin Stadium after a rain delay in the seventh inning of the Marlins' 5-4 loss to the Nats. That's a worse turnout than Game 3 of the WNBA Finals Tuesday in Phoenix.
Cayman Curse

Charlie Frye :: Jim McIsaac/Getty Images
Move over, Madden and SI covers, we can officially make room for the NFL Quarterback Challenge in the Cayman Islands in the sports curse department. We were actually at this year's event, which was staged in May but never made it to the airwaves, and it seems like forever ago when we look back to our conversations with Michael Vick, Byron Leftwich and Charlie Frye. Our best guess for the next victim of the Cayman Curse is Josh McCown, who actually won the event.
He Shoots, He Scores
Soccer hasn't caught on in the States just yet, and with David Beckham on the shelf, it doesn't look like it will anytime soon. Thankfully, we can always count on the ingenuity of our friends in Italy to inject a little excitement into the "beautiful game." ContoTV, a hardcore porn channel, bought the rights to show a Fiorentina UEFA Cup first-round game this month.
Serena A Gamer
A champion on the tennis court, Serena Williams apparently is just as dominant in Simon Says and Duck, Duck Goose. She'll be the first to tell you so.
Out Of Hiding
There was a Steve Bartman sighting recently at a Cubs game -- in Arizona. Either that, or just a guy looking to getting some run on the Jumbotron.
Videos of the Day
Milking The Moment
Nothing gets us more excited for high school football than two dudes pouring milk on each other in a shower.

Sunny Delight
We are already counting down the hours until the return of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. If this season is as funny as the FX sitcom's promos, we'll be in for another sunny season.

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