September 14, 2007
The Links
Females Love The Steelers
Which NFL team has the most female fans? The Pittsburgh Steelers are top the league with 34 percent of the women living in the Steelers' market identifying themselves as fans.

The Packers came in second with 29.4 percent, the Bills ranked third with 23.7 percent, followed by the Bengals (22.8 percent), Chiefs (22.4 percent), Jaguars (21.7 percent).

Oh, and the accompanying picture is actress Kate Mara, who has appeared in We Are Marshall and 61. Mara talked about her love of the Steelers last year with's Richard Deitsch.

Kate Mara
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)
Top 10 Sportscasting Blunders
From Lee Corso dropping an F-bomb to Larry Merchant saying that Mike Tyson likes "wham, bam, thank you, sir" sex to "Boom goes the dynamite, -- with the help of YouTube -- looks back at the most memorable gaffes. (Warning: Link contains strong language and mildly graphic content.)
'Shady Brady And Bill Belicheat'
AOL Fanhouse has must-see video that covers Spy-Gate. We'd explain it, but we can't do it justice. Just trust us and watch it.
Misery Loves Company
Michigan has caused The Angry T to find out which other teams in recent history didn't come close to meeting their preseason expectations.
Move Over, Tom Verducci

Alyssa Milano :: Ethan Miller
We don't want to drive people away from -- and Hot Clicks, especially -- but we need to bring you this breaking news: Alyssa Milano will serve as a postseason correspondent for
But Can They Still Shake Their Money Makers?
Are you between the ages of 63 and 81? If so, you're in luck. The Miami Heat want you for its hip-hop dance team.
How Do You Not Get An A In That Class?
There are several reasons why this is the best time ever to be a college student. Here's another one.
Vanilla Ice = Robert Matthew Van Winkle
In honor of 50 Cent's CD, Curtis, coming out this past Tuesday, is listing The 40 Nerdiest Real Names of Famous Musicians.
Videos of the Day
Moss' Answering Machine
Listen in as the Patriots wide receiver hears from Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, Bobby Bowden and others.

Pete Rose Sings
The hit champ is joined by Mel from the sitcom Alice in this absurd (Rose is heckled by a fan who asks "What's a man really want from an aftershave?") Aqua Velva commercial from 1976.

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