September 19, 2007
The Links
A Loss For Men
Guys or baseball? What do the females prefer? The woman in the photo to the right seems to like baseball men, so we wonder what she'd choose, but we digress.

The ladies over at Babes Love Baseball are listing -- in great detail -- 10 reasons why baseball is better than men.

One example from the list: "Every single night between April and October, its always on AS SCHEDULED." (Warning: Link contains mildly graphic language.)

Derek Jeter fan
Robert Beck/SI
The Nation's No. 1 Enemy
Check out the great picture and accompanying song about Eric Gagne that the The Boston Dirt Dogs have put together.
Philly Fanatic
This Eagles fan taped himself watching Monday night's Washington-Philadelphia game, and things didn't go so well. (Warning: Video contains strong language and f-bombs all over the place).
Still Rivals
It's not enough that USC football has been a total force over the past few years, now the Trojans are openly taunting UCLA fans with billboards.
Pimp Your Golf Cart

Escalade golf cart ::
If you're tired of your crummy old golf cart, maybe you'd like to step it up and purchase the new Escalade golf cart.
Move Over, O.J.
Apparently a Dallas TV station thinks Jerry Jones has been robbing armored trucks.
The Sports Scandals Quiz
Test your knowledge here.
The Gym Is A Jungle
Everyone knows about road rage. But have you heard of "spin rage?" A New York man who allegedly went ballistic and slammed a fellow member and his bike against a wall during a spin class is using that as his defense.
Videos of the Day
Don't Mess With The Bull
Bull riding accidents never get old, but this video is made even better by the background music. (Click here if video isn't showing up for you.

The Embarrssment Continues
Nude pictures of High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens recently hit the 'net, so check out how she answer this question about the antics of Britney, Lindsay, et. al.

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