September 20, 2007
The Links
Boxing's Rebirth

Pam Anderson :: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images
We haven't bought a boxing match on pay-per-view in ages, but that may soon change. Two top promoters are trying to put together a Tommy Lee vs. Kid Rock bout. We just hope the promoters are smart enough to make Pamela Anderson the referee.
Your Chance To Do Play-By-Play
Sports By Brooks has discovered that the Arizona Winter League is offering anyone the chance to broadcast all 33 of its games this season. How can you get the gig? Bid for it on eBay.
More Accurate Than The Polls
Our own SIOC section is comparing college football teams to celebrities, such as Jim Carrey, Paris Hilton, Natalie Portman, Rodney Dangerfield and many more.
His Surreal Life
Jose Canseco strikes again. His latest escapade? Last weekend, the former slugger entered a ladies-only, no-limit poker tournament -- and was the first person to bust out.

Triple H (left), Ric Flair :: Ray Amati/Getty Images
You'd think after wrestling for more than 30 years (and being the best promo giver in the business, as proven here), Ric Flair would be set financially. Well, it seems the man known for "stylin' and profilin'" now has a side job.
Who's The Boss Should NOT Be On This List
Hugging Harold Reynolds ranks the "Best of the Worst" Sports-Themed Sitcoms and Movies.
The Woman Behind The Bodyspray
We don't watch commercials at all so we've never heard of Rachel Specter until this morning. Apparently she's the woman in RGX Bodyspray ads that are constantly on ESPN. Well, Larry Brown Sports has tracked her down for an interview and we're big fans.
Fantasy Island's Tattoo WAS Creepy
The 10 most deranged sidekicks of all time.
Videos of the Day
This Is Funny Even If You're Sick Of O.J.
An O.J. Simpson fan who looks like Sloth from Goonies heckling one of Simpson's lawyers during a press conference = hilarity. (Link comes via FanIQ.)

You Wish You Needed This
For those of you in search of the perfect cup... (Warning: Link contains mildly graphic language.)

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