September 21, 2007
The Links
The NFL Vs. Adult Entertainment

Kim Kardashian :: Evan Agostini/Getty Images
Few things are more popular with men than the NFL and "adult entertainment." We've decided to stack them up against each other to see how they fare in a Tale of the Tape. One thing we learned is that if a celebrity gets involved in a sex-tape scandal, a la Kim Kardashian, she usually ends up having some connection to the NFL. Speaking of Kardashian, it looks like she's gonna be busy with this and this. (Thanks to good friend Jason Drill for the links.)
Calling All Gamblers
We know a few people who'll be interested in this item. The blog Everyday Should Be Saturday, which was mentioned by Verne Lundquist during last Saturday's Tennessee-Florida game, is looking for, as they put it, a degenerate gambler, to write for them. (And they've included a must-see video in their entry.) Please finish reading Hot Clicks before sending them your resume.
No Peyton Manning Here looks back -- with the help of YouTube -- at the top 10 old-school NFL commercials. (Warning: Link contains mildly graphic material.)
This Is Where The Action Is
Since we work in midtown Manhattan we're a little biased, but we still have to agree 100 percent with this detailed take that the Isiah Thomas/Knicks sexual harassment trial is way more entertaining than the O.J. Simpson saga.
A Logo Doesn't Mean It's Cool

Albert Pujols Model Hummer
From an Albert Pujols Model Hummer to Tampa Bay Devil Rays Hot Sauce, Joe Sports Fan is listing the most unnecessary MLB team gear.
Another NFL Star To Wrestle?
Watch a professional wrestler call out Chiefs tight end Tony Gonzalez and challenge him to a match.
Spygate's Latest Victim
The Onion puts their spin on Spygate. We'll just give you the headline of their story: "Confiscated Patriots Videotapes Contain Extensive Footage Of Tom Brady Showering."
Your Weekend Task
You don't have to wait until Oct. 2 to watch the season premiere of Friday Night Lights. It's online right here. Watch it!
Videos of the Day
So Juicy
Who called O.J. Simpson while he was in jail? Let's listen in as he checks his voice mail from the slammer.

He Definitely Choked
Watch this actor's prank go bad. The action picks up at the 1:30 mark. (If the video isn't showing up for you, click here.)

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