September 24, 2007
The Links
Well, No Duh

Patriots cheerleaders :: Damian Strohmeyer/SI
The NFL has been cracking down on troublemakers lately, and the latest group of people to get caught in the league's crosshairs are cheerleaders. Four Balls reports that the NFL has banned cheerleaders from warming up and stretching in front of visiting team's locker rooms. Apparently the ladies are a distraction to the opposing players. Who knew?
He's Also Named After A Gum
When you live in Chicago and your last name is "Fields," there's really only one name to give your newborn son -- Wrigley.
White Hot
It seems that West Virginia quarterback Pat White got a little flustered when he was interviewed by Erin Andrews this past Saturday.
That's One Mighty Long Diatribe
Oklahoma St. coach Mike Gundy went absolutely ballistic after his team's win against Texas Tech on Saturday. The coach was not happy with the media's coverage of one of his players, and he let them know it.
Couldn't He Just Read

Britney Spears :: Kevin Winter/Getty Images
A tight SEC game is coming to a conclusion in overtime. What topic do you bring up if you're the play-by-play announcer? Well, during a crucial moment in overtime of Saturday's Georgia-Alabama game, ESPN's Mike Patrick decided to ask partner Todd Blackledge about Britney Spears' career. And Blackledge was just as confused as the viewers. (Thanks to Chris in Boston for sending us the link.)
'Alex Rordriguez'
It really has to suck when you spend a ton of money on a jersey but the name of the player on the back is spelled wrong.
Videos of the Day
'Lou Pinella, Ella, Ella'
A Cubs fan shows his love for Lou Piniella by putting together this ode to the skipper set to the tune of Rihanna's Umbrella.

This Could Come In Handy
Watch this guy get undressed in seven seconds.

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