September 25, 2007
The Links
The Best Week Of The MLB Season

Joba Chamberlain (left), Ian Kennedy :: AP
The folks at 100% Injury Rate have compiled a slew of pics from hazing week in Major League Baseball. Yesterday, the Yankees' rookies, including phenom Joba Chamberlain (the Lion) and pitcher Ian Kennedy (Dorothy) suffered the humiliation of dressing up as characters from the Wizard of Oz, although Joba seemed to enjoy it. (Click here for a full gallery of the Yankees dressed up as Wizard of Oz characters.)
Bizarro World
We think the Milton Bradley injury is the most unbelievable sports story in ages. So naturally, we enjoyed this list of the most freakish sports injuries.
Just Your Typical Team Owner
You don't have to watch Dancing with the Stars to see Mark Cuban bump and grind. Check out this 10-second clip that is a combination of funny and disturbing.
The Classics
What are the 25 most memorable games since 1990? The Skinny Post offers a very thorough list. (Thanks to Ryan Cleaver of Rockville, Md., for the link)
He Must REALLY Like Her

Hilary Duff :: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images
Hilary Duff and New York Islanders center Mike Comrie are still going strong. Comrie reportedly bought the singer/actress a Mercedes for her birthday.
Do You Know Sports?
Need something to do at the office instead of work? Take Armchair GM's never-ending sports quiz.
Just For Kicks
Sportswrap has come up with a unique list -- the 10 best Nike Air Jordan's of all time.
Texting = Trouble
We've never mentioned cricket before in Hot Clicks, but there's a first time for everything, especially when a top cricket player is getting divorced because he sent a text message to his wife that was intended for his mistress.
Videos of the Day
The Highlight Of The Chiefs' Season
If you're gonna run on the field during a Chiefs game, security won't be the only folks after you. You'll also have to deal with Kansas City's mascot going Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka on you. (Thanks to Arrowhead Pride for the link.)

We've Learned Our Lesson
A warning to all those who dance with their iPods in public.

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