September 26, 2007
The Links
Dancing Details

Jennie Garth :: Stephen Shugerman/Getty Images
The blogosphere is all over Mark Cuban's appearance on Dancing with the Stars last night, with reports here, here and here. As for us, we didn't tune in, but when we do, it'll be to see Kelly Taylor Jennie Garth.
Game On
From Chess Boxing to Eukonkanto (Wife Carrying), is looking at the 10 most insane "sports" in the world.
'I Am ... A Buckeyes Fan'
That's the start of the chorus in this "it's-not-supposed-to-be-funny-but-is-hysterical" musical tribute video to Ohio State.
Another Reason To Like Greg Oden
Even though he's out for the year, the Trail Blazers rookie still has his sense of humor. Oden is now blogging about his new dog, which he named Charles Barkley McLovin.
From Sharpies To Cell Phones

Joe Horn :: Chris Graythen/Getty Images
The Ghosts of Wayne Fontes are honoring the players who have given us some of the most memorable TD celebrations.
Meet John Edward Thomas Moynahan
The first picture of Tom Brady's son has hit the newsstands -- and the Internet.
What's In The Water There?
It's been quite the week for coaches in Oklahoma. Oklahoma St. football coach Mike Gundy became an Internet sensation thanks to a tirade after Saturday's game. And now Doug Sauter, who coaches Oklahoma City's minor-league hockey team, stopped a stampede of horses at the Oklahoma State Fair by biting one of the horses on the ear.
'I'm So Excited'
Any list that references the classic Saved by the Bell episode in which Jessie gets hooked on uppers is all right in our book. Therefore, he's a look at the Five Druggiest High School Sitcom Scenes.
Today in Campus Clicks
Meet an SEC Playboy model ... Fire Nick Saban Web site already up ... Jon Stewart's book being used as a textbook ... and more.
Videos of the Day
It Sounds Like A Reasonable Request
How would things go if you went to a bank to take out a loan to cover your fantasy football costs? The brilliant site,, tries to find out.

Gettin' Gibby Wit It
A Kirk Gibson fan pays tribute to the 1988 World Series hero.

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