September 27, 2007
The Links
Way To Go, Ladies

A group of models pose during a world-record attempt for the biggest swimsuit photo shoot at Bondi Beach on Sept. 26, 2007, in Sydney, Australia. :: Sergio Dionisio/Getty Images
Mac G has alerted us to what he calls -- and we agree -- the "Best Guinness Record of ALL TIME." And it's a pretty simple one. A group of models got together at Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia, yesterday to pose for the world's biggest swimsuit shoot. A total of 1,010 women smashed the previous record of 300. We've gone the extra mile and put together a photo gallery of the event for you.
How The Playoffs Will Look Like Dunder-Mifflin
With The Office returning tonight, the WBRS Sports Blog decided to breakdown the MLB playoff contenders by comparing each team to a corresponding Office employee.
Let The Debates Begin
Business Week is ranking the 100 most powerful people in sports.
In Defense Of Rex
If you're into those "Leave So-And-So Alone" videos, you're in luck. AOL Fanhouse has found one for Rex Grossman.
From An Oscar To This?

Jamie Foxx :: Evan Agostini/Getty Images
If you thought Spygate was over, think again. ESPN has reportedly brought in Jamie Foxx to film a spoof of the controversy to air before this Monday's Patriots-Bengals game.
More Hazing Photos
Earlier in the week, 100% Injury Rate brought us a ton of MLB rookie hazing photos. Well, they're back today with another edition.
It Won't Be As Good As The Original
Chad Johnson's upcoming TD celebration will look familiar to Go Daddy fans.
Today in Campus Clicks
More problems for Houston Nutt ... Next coaching meltdown ... Best mascot brawls ... K-State's low budget video ... and more.
Videos of the Day
This Old Guy Is Our Hero
We want to do this every time we're at a casino trying to play craps or blackjack and someone is blowing smoke in our face. (Watch the two men in the background, not the golfer.)

Old Man Drops Big Dude For Smoking - Watch more free videos
Good Ol' Phillies Fans
Listen to a Phillies fan heckle Braves pitcher Peter Moylan.

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