October 01, 2007
The Links
History Lesson

Redskins Cheerleader :: Doug Pensinger/Getty Images
With Roger Goodell cracking down on cheerleaders who may be distracting opposing players, AOL Fanhouse has decided to give us a pictorial history of what cheerleaders have meant to the NFL.
The Price Of Hating A Coach
If you're thinking of starting one of those "Fire(Fill in the coach).com Web sites, remember that it will cost you some money. 100% Injury Rate has done some research, and posted the prices that some high-profile coaches will cost you.
Here's The Catch
The Angry T has posted video of the top 15 football catches of all time.
Let's See His Game Plan For This
One Jets fan refuses to stand for Bill Belichick's cheating. So he's suing the Pats coach -- for $184 million.
What Will He Do If They Win The World Series?

Jonathan Papelbon :: AP
If you missed Jonathan Papelbon's celebration dance after the Red Sox clinched the AL East, stop whatever you are doing and watch it right now.video right now.
What did we learn from last night's episode of 60 Minutes? Vince Young didn't bother to get creative when he was picking out his tattoo.
Athletes Have To Try This Hard?
A soccer star in England decided that the best way to land a woman he met was to send her a naked picture of himself -- and she decided to forward the photo around.
Today in Campus Clicks
Georgia fans behave ... The case of Nutt's banner ... Good news for dead Gators fans ... and more.
Videos of the Day
He Sings, Too
The highlight of LeBron James' appearance on Saturday Night Live this past weekend was definitely this High School Musical spoof.

It's Fun To Watch Her Squirm
Watch David Letterman grill Paris Hilton about time in jail.

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