October 08, 2007
The Links
Happy Monday

Anna Kournikova :: Peter Kramer/Getty Images
Here's how you get the week started: New Anna Kournikova bikini pics. And just because we're nice, here are some old ones.
You Have To Be Kidding
When Stanford scored its go-ahead touchdown against USC on Saturday, we missed the call because we were screaming, but luckily our friend Dan pointed out that play-by-play man Rod Thulin completely blew the call by saying "Touchdown USC!" So we rewound the Tivo, and there it was. But the awful broadcast wasn't done butchering the amazing ending. Analyst Kelly Stouffer then chimed in with, "Jim Harbaugh, if you're asking, is gonna go for the tie right here." Um, the TD made it 23-23. Nice job.
We Know This Is Sacrilege, But ...
Since we've never gotten the whole "Brett-Favre-is-the-greatest-thing-since-sliced-bread" thing, and since he cost us our bet last night the Packers the game last night with an awful interception to Brian Urlacher at the Packers 19-yard-line late in the third quarter, we especially loved JoeSportsFan's Top 7 Ridiculous Brett Favre Quotes (since Week 2).
We Have A Steve Bartman Sighting...
And you'll never believe where he showed up.
The Bugs Are Taking Over

Joba Chamberlain :: AP
If you missed the gnats take over Friday's Yankees-Indians game, check out this video. We're still grossed out by the site of Joba Chamberlain's neck being covered in the nasty critters, which comes in at the 54 second mark.
Jake Peavy Isn't This Tough
You'd think a one-time NL batting champ would have no problems hitting a wiffle ball. Well, you'd be wrong. Home Run Derby has found video of Freddy Sanchez trying to hit a nasty wiffle ball pitcher, and things get ugly.
These Should Help You Move On
You Been Blinded has figured out a way to cheer up Mets fans. Meanwhile, courtesy of Lion In Oil, here's a way for Cubs fans to deal with their pain.
Today in Campus Clicks
Beer pong 101 ... Booty loses, then parties ... Harbaugh is all fired up ... Drinks men should never order ... and more.
Videos of the Day
Pain = Humor
This gets better as it keeps going.

An Oldie But Goodie
Kids pelt a news reporter with snowballs.

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