October 10, 2007
The Links
Manny's Crush

Jennifer Garner :: Michael Buckner/Getty Images
We all know Ben Affleck is a big Red Sox fan, but according to the actor, his wife, Jennifer Garner, was responsible for his meeting with Manny Ramirez. It seems the slugger has quite the crush on Mrs. Affleck.
Hair It Is
We haven't checked out the new show Caveman (and we won't), but The Angry T offers up a list of athletes who could've played the starring role. And any list that has George "The Animal" Steele on it, is all right in our book.
More Bluster From The Boss
The Sports Hernia has uncovered more threats and messages George Steinbrenner has sent to various people in the Yankees organization.
Just For Kicks
Foodcourtlunch.com is looking at the Top 10 Worst Professional Athlete Shoe Deals.
From Traveling Secretary To Skipper?

George Costanza :: Columbia TriStar Television/Everett Collection
Uber.com has come up with the 10 best candidates to replace Joe Torre as Yankees manager.
Intense Rivalry
A Steelers fan shows his hatred for the Browns runs very deep.
The Sexiest Woman Alive...
According to Esquire, is Charlize Theron.
Today in Campus Clicks
10 things USC fans should be thankful for ... Joe Pa's road rage ... 12 coolest courses ... Embarrassing Florida fan ... and more.
She Says, Z Says
The model and the Doctor make their Week 6 picks.
Videos of the Day
Kickers Get No Respect
And it's proven in this video of a guy training to be a college football kicker.

Office Prank
The quality isn't great, but the payoff is.

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