October 11, 2007
The Links
Forget The Ten Commandments

Tony Romo, Carrie Underwood :: Michael Buckner/Getty Images for ACMA
Bill Parcells has 11 for his quarterbacks. We wonder how the Tuna feels about Tony Romo dating Carrie Underwood since the 11th commandment is: Don't be a celebrity quarterback. We don't need any of those. We need battlefield commanders that are willing to fight it out every day, every week, and every season and lead their team to win after win after win.
The Six Degrees Of Vinny Testaverde
Rumors and Rants are linking the veteran -- and we do mean veteran -- to George Clooney and Teddy Roosevelt.
The Eagles Will Make The Super Bowl
Sports By Brooks is breaking news of who the NFL wants to perform at halftime of the upcoming Super Bowl.
Who Says Betting Doesn't Pay?
An Ontario woman who said she wasn't a football fan and had never bet on the games before, picked the winners of all 14 games last week and won $548,532 -- the largest Pro Picks Pools prize on a single sports lottery ticket in Ontario.
The Most Distracting Cheerleaders

Redskins cheerleader ::Jeff Fishbein/Getty Images
We've been all over this "cheerleaders-are-a-distraction" story, so we were thrilled to see Michael Strahan throw in his two cents on the issue. The Giants defensive end has declared that the Redskins have the most distracting cheerleaders in the NFL. Meanwhile, The Daily Redundancy is showing us the NFL's 10 homeliest cheerleaders
Hulkamania Not Running Wild
What would happen if Hulk Hogan followed Marion Jones' lead and returned his old WWF titles?
Very Seedy
Rockies fans are on quite the streak. Not only is their team in the NLCS, but now faithful followers can buy Matt Holliday's chewed sunflower seeds.
No Shame
Since this blogger mentioned our Alyssa Milano photo gallery from a couple of weeks ago, we'll be nice and link to his post of even more Milano pics.
Top 10 Rap Songs That White People Love
No lie: All 10 are on our iPod.
Today in Campus Clicks
Miami to turn student section into mini-South Beach ... Grothe keeps getting poked by women ... Gators wear jean shorts video ... and more.
Videos of the Day
Fun With Mike Gundy
Courtesy of Epic Carnival, the tirade by the Oklahoma St. coach is turned into a car commercial.

A Catchy Tune
Boyfriend writes a song for his girlfriend.

Song For The Perfect Girlfriend - Watch more free videos
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