October 12, 2007
The Links
Arenas Never Disappoints

Halle Berry :: Stephen Shugerman/Getty Images
Via the Blog of Hilarity, comes a link to this interview, in which the always entertaining Gilbert Arenas says hitting a buzzer beater is better than sex -- unless it was with Halle Berry. Speaking of Arenas, he's become the latest athlete to be accused of cheating -- at Halo 3.
Maybe This Is Why He Does Well With The Ladies
Mister Irrelevant takes an in-depth look at Tom Brady's various hairdos -- from The Offshore Fisherman to The Sy Sperling to The Adult Virgin -- over the past several years.
Watch Out, Cynthia
Forget the strippers. A-Rod's wife has a bigger reason to worry. The Yankees slugger was spotted yesterday with Madonna.
We've Been Saying This All Along
The Wizard of Odds explains why bettors and bookies know more about college football than the pollsters.
Picking Up The Pieces

Lake Bell :: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images
According to The Big Lead, New York Rangers winger Sean Avery has moved on from Elisha Cuthbert. He's now dating actress Lake Bell.
He Needs A T.O., Baby
Home Run Derby points out what happens when a college basketball analyst makes MLB playoff predictions.
There's A Blog for EVERYTHING
Two new blogs have hit the 'net and we're gonna plug them here just because they're so damn creative. First is Mister Mittens, named after David Carr and his gloves. The other is Shelley Duncan is the Messiah, which is self-explanatory.
Today in Campus Clicks
Another reason to hate Notre Dame ... USC Girls doing the booty shake ... Best television athletic performances ... and more.
The Ride
Two guys, one car, lots of jokes on the current world of sports.
Videos of the Day
Dave Does Sports
Two things take place in this clip from Wednesday's Late Show. First, New York sports-talk radio hosts Mike and the Mad Dog invade the show. Then Dave looks at how the Yankees are spending their offseason.

America's Got Talent -- Not!
The Star Wars theme song like you've never heard it before...

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