October 15, 2007
The Links
Still Not Over It

Janet Jackson :: Carlo Allegri/Getty Images
As we all know, Janet Jackson caused quite a stir at Super Bowl XXXVIII. Well, the singer/actress still won't talk about the scandal, even though it took place nearly four years ago. Check out how the inventor of the "wardrobe malfunction" just sits in silence and then pretends to have a problem with her earpiece when a Sacramento morning news show asks her about the infamous halftime performance. (Forward to the two-minute mark for the fun to begin.)
We Imagine They'll Get Some Angry Letters
It's hard to believe someone when they say they love the national anthem right after they just talked through the whole darn song. Check out the awkwardness as two Boston broadcasters (one is former Sox outfielder Dwight Evans) don't let the anthem stop them from analyzing Game 1 of the Boston-Cleveland series.
Can He Do The MLB Playoffs?
The Beautiful Game is calling this the best soccer goal ever. We're calling it the best call by a broadcaster ever.
How Many Shots For A Magic Trick?
We're huge fans of Lou Holtz's weekly pep talks (especially this one), so we couldn't contain our excitement when we saw, via Foul Balls, that Digital Headbutt has invented the Lou Holtz Pep Talk Drinking Game.
Who Would've Thunk It?

David Eckstein :: Rich Pilling/MLB Photos via Getty Images
Joe Sports Fan is looking back at the Top Seven Unlikely MLB Postseason MVPs.
Creative Captions
Simon On Sports is having fun with the best college football photos from the weekend. (Warning: Link contains graphic language.)
It Was Long Overdue
AOL Fanhouse explains why we all should've seen Vince Young's injury coming.
Crazy Talk
Who are the 10 hottest psycho chicks? Oh, we're talking movie characters. Not in real life. (Warning: Link contains graphic language.)
Today in Campus Clicks
Playboy scouts Indiana ... Jerry Rice, Roy Williams latest to dance to Souljah Boy ... Erin Andrews eats a sandwich ... Harry Potter meets the Big 10 ... and more.
Videos of the Day
Saturday Night Live parodies those god-awful Dane Cook MLB promos.

Doubling His Pleasure
Last week we brought you video of a guy solving a Rubik's Cube with his feet. Today we present a guy solving two Rubik's Cube's at once.

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