October 22, 2007
The Links
Model Ballgirls

Tennis has never been our cup of tea, even when it's served with crumpets at Wimbledon's Centre Court, but then again we've never been to a tournament where adult models serve as ballgirls. Maybe next time we should catch a tennis tournament in Madrid.
Jake the Snake's new career
With a dearth of quality quarterbacks, former Broncos signal-caller Jake Plummer's phone should be ringing off the hook. but as Deadspin finds, he's a little too busy on the handball court to answer it.
Foxy Robot
So let us get this straight, Fox Sports does not think fans want to see starting lineups before NFL games, but thinks they want to see a robot stretching in the corner of the screen so badly that they are releasing it in toy form.
Bad Ideas
What do the McRib, Crystal Pepsi and the BK Lounge have to do with the NFL? The Ghosts of Wayne Fontes compares the degrees of bad in the NFL.
Watch That Hand

Jessica Biel :: Alberto Rodriguez/Getty Images for Cedar Sinai
Everyone was envious of Justin Timberlake when they saw him roaming the sidelines with Jessica Biel last week at the Packers game. Well, while Timberlake was busy watching the game, it was apparently Biel's friend who was giving her a new meaning to "SexyBack".
Soulja Boy
When Reggie Bush showed us how to do the Soulja Boy Dance back in August we never thought it would catch on like the Macarena. Surprisingly it's blown that cheesy jig out of the water and now everyone is doing it. Patrick Ewing Jr. recently showed Jerry Rice how to do it, and in case you don't want to be left out the next time it comes on, here's how you do it.
House Fire
Our favorite party house this summer was the LG Beach House in Malibu. We got to play beer pong with Greg Oden and talk about bikinied beauties with Kevin Love. Unfortunately most of the house went up in flames last night. News of Malibu's wildfires, however, received little sympathy from NFL and NASCAR fans in the Southland according to Signal to Noise.
Here comes the NBA
As many of you will find in your mailboxes this week, it's NBA Preview time here at SI. But before you dig into the insights of Ian Thomsen and Jack McCallum, you may be interested to know what lies ahead for each and every player in the league this season. Luckily, the folks at freedarko.com have the answers.
Today in Campus Clicks
Comparing Big Ten football to Home Improvement ... Dress up as Steve Spurrier ... SIOC's Cheerleader of the Week ... South Park takes on SEC coaches ... and more.
Videos of the Day
Inch By Inch
When we mentioned to a friend that USC was finished during the third quarter of the Arizona game a couple weeks ago, he sent over this video. Not sure if Pete Carroll channeled his inner Al Pacino and gave his players a similarly inspired speech but they've outscored their opponents 48-0 in the last five quarters, with QB Mark Sanchez throwing five touchdowns and zero interceptions.

It's been a long time coming, but after being "cursed" for 86 years, it's nice to see the Red Sox building a mini dynasty in Boston. No video succinctly captures their fans' long wait better than this Nike ad from the Sox's 2004 World Series season.

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