October 25, 2007
The Links
Signal Callers' Significant Others

Carmella DeCesare :: Chad Buchanan/Getty Images
We know that most NFL fans argue the merits of Brady vs. Manning on a regular basis, but The Big Lead is bringing a much better football discussion to the table: Which NFL QB has the best looking wife/girlfriend? We're going with Jeff Garcia's wife, Caremlla DeCesare.
Frivolous Fines
With Tom Brady recently getting fined for having an unbuckled chinstrap, Maximonline.com is looking back at the Dumbest Football Fines Ever. (Thanks to Tyler in Cleveland for sending us the link.)
Blistering The Boss
With Joe Torre set to appear on Monday's edition of the Late Show with David Letterman, Bugs & Cranks has a look at the Top 10 insults that the former Yankees skipper has for George Steinbrenner.
Obviously Geography Wasn't His Strong Subject
It seems that Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder doesn't know much about London, where Miami will take on the New York Giants this Sunday. Deuce of Davenport has the full report on Crowder's lack of London knowledge, but we'll just share this gem with you: "I know London Fletcher. We did a football camp together. So I know him. That's the closest thing I know to London.
Alternative Plan Tonight

Sarah Chalke :: Michael Buckner/Getty Images
If tonight's World Series game is as bad as last night's (unless you're a Red Sox fan), don't despair. One of our all-time favorite shows, Scrubs, returns to NBC's lineup and we recommend that everyone give it a chance. In honor of the most underrated sitcom in ages (featuring one of the most underrated chicks on television, Sarah Chalke), we bring you three of our favorite Scrubs moments. One: The gang sings about how everything comes down to "poo." Two: Turk shows impressive skills while dancing to Bell Biv Devoe's Poison. Three: Carla and Ted perform an a cappella version of Poison's Talk Dirty To Me.
A Member Of The Nation Gets Creative
Leigh of Wellesley, Mass., e-mailed us the following early this morning: "For Halloween I decided to be SuperManny...I decided to bring it to the ballpark tonight for GAME 1 just in case we sweep and I don't end up at Fenway on Halloween. Apparently the other fans were in favor of it!" Here's how Leigh's night went.
Watch A Dude Make Tetris His ...
This video is a little long, but since we had a serious addiction to Tetris many years ago, we also find it quite mesmerizing. (Thanks to HM Clark in Bronxville, N.Y., for sending us the link.)
THIS Is A List
EW.com's Ultimate Female Hotties contest is over. Here are the 25 sexiest female entertainers ever.
Today in Campus Clicks
Florida dominates the news ... Top 25 college football rivalries ... Worst A Cappella Group of The Ivy League tournament ... College football look-a-likes ... and more.
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Videos of the Day
Cruel But Funny
This is one of the most genius pranks ever: A guy surveys some bars to see which kind of TVs they have. Then he programs a universal remote for each one. Later he comes and shuts off the TV as people are watching a big moment in the game.

The Birdman Brings The House Down
Mister Irrelevant brings us a true gem: A Koko B. Ware music video featuring slew of '80s WWF stars.

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